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Author Topic: The Napolionic Fort at Plymouth Breakwater  (Read 16735 times)

Tom Allett

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The Napolionic Fort at Plymouth Breakwater
« on: 27 April 2020 11:29:23 pm »

I am researching the loss of an RAF Avro Lancaster bomber which crashed into the barrage balloon defences of Plymouth's breakwater in the early hours of February 14, 1943.
There is a fair bit of information about this crash online and I've spoken to several interested parties about this incident but, to date, I've yet to find any log records kept by the Navy personnel that manned the Napoleonic fort that is just yards from the breakwater.
Although, by WW2, the fort no longer had its coastal defence guns, it was still an active a signal station and housed an anti-aircraft battery that was manned 24/7.
Given the round-the-clock operation and the very close proximity of the crash site (at the front of the breakwater) it would seem certain that those on duty would have at least heard the crash if not seen it happen. I know from the local civil defence records that the incoming aircraft was at one stage considered to be a potential 'lone raider' and that the local police and ambulance services were alerted accordingly. Presumably this warning would have also extended to the A-A battery and if so, it seems likely that the gun crews were looking out for it. However, I have not been able to trace any kind of records kept at the fort for any time, let alone the night I'm looking for. If they are at Kew, I can't find them...
Does anyone know if such duty records for the fort still exist - and where they might be?
Grateful for any help!
Thanks, Tom   
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