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Author Topic: PO Tel Michael Edward Sheridan  (Read 16792 times)


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PO Tel Michael Edward Sheridan
« on: 16 November 2022 03:51:02 pm »

I am researching the RN career of my uncle P.O.Tel Michael Edward Eddie Sheridan; he joined as a Boy 2 In Ganges in Jan 1933 and was posted missing on 20 March 1945 when HMS Lapwing was sunk off Murmansk. I have his service record and Im seeking assistance with a few aspects of the record, as follows:
      In Apr 1941 while posted to MHS Medway he is shown as S.C. Does this indicate Spare Crew?
      He is posted to Truant in Jan 1942 and it then sails for the Far East and his posting changes to Lanka/ Truant. I know that the Truant went as far east as Surabaya, but was ordered back to Colombo when the Japanese captured Java. However he does not stay with Truant but by 12 Mar 1942 he is in HMS Leeuvin in Freemantle in Australia (as per the Payment & Victual Ledger record. His service record card shows him posted to Dolphin with the letters S/M after. I suspect that this is a posting for admin reasons, but what does S/M mean?
      I suspect that he may have been posted to Australia for medical reasons because my mother (his sister) said that he suffered from stomach ulcers after some years on submarines; this may have been the reason. The P&V Ledger shows him on a ship HMS Perspvck prior to arrival at Leeuvin, but I cannot find any reference to such a vessel. I suspect that the name is misspelled. Any insights into what it might be would be greatly appreciated.

He eventually made his way back to the UK via South Africa (Assegai) on HMS Dragon.
I can also see that his rum ration was removed on 28 Feb 1942;  was this something a seaman could request or was it a policy decision?

All info gladly received.


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Re: PO Tel Michael Edward Sheridan
« Reply #1 on: 18 November 2022 11:07:38 am »

Agree that SC probably means Spare Crew

Can't help with SM

Could you post up a copy of the entry for the illegible ship?  Someone may be able to decipher it

Rum - yes, it was probably at his request: you did not have to have it - you could go 'TT' (tee-total)
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