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Author Topic: Messing Provisions and Stores, 1937 and WW2  (Read 18914 times)

Philip L

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Messing Provisions and Stores, 1937 and WW2
« on: 24 December 2023 10:13:04 am »

I have been reading - Messing, Provisions and Stores, Chapter X11, from Manual of Seamanship 1937 (Printed in 1941), Volume one (By Authority of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty). I have inherited the book from my late father who served with the Royal Navy in WW2.

I am interested in how the standard ration (and a messing allowance paid in addition) for smaller ships (Not modern ships of the larger types, as at 1937 and WW2) compares to food and drink issues to Royal navy sailors on comparable smaller ships now (2023 - 2024 or the last 20 years or so). If such a comparison is possible. I am not sure if an escort ship such as HMS Findhorn in WW2 would be considered a smaller ship (And not a modern ship of the larger type, as at 1937 and WW2).

Philip L
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