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 on: 05 December 2023 09:26:13 am 
Started by BristolPete2 - Last Post by Philip L
A similar looking (But different) cap badge in diagram 53 on page 28 from Manual of Seamanship 1937 (Printed 1941. Refer to Books) may give a clue to what the cap badge is. The Chief Petty Officers cap badge in diagram 53 looks similar to me. The leaves on the branches (If that's what they are) look a different size to me. To me (As a non expert with limited knowledge on  the subject) this may suggest that it is Petty Officers cap badge from a different point in history, may be before 1937 or after 1947. Or may it is from the Merchant Navy. Only a guess really.

Philip L

 on: 02 December 2023 02:56:34 pm 
Started by GeoffreyHammond - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

I would say yes, from their uniform, they are indeed Cadets (Osborne  or Dartmouth).

What they are doing, and why Sidcup, I cannot say ...

 on: 01 December 2023 09:45:47 am 
Started by GeoffreyHammond - Last Post by GeoffreyHammond
I recently bought this splendid postcard which I believe shows an image in or near Sidcup.

Can anyone confirm or deny that these are naval cadets?

Can anyone confirm the location.

Can anyone hazard what the event might be - the year is 1910.

Thank you.

 on: 27 November 2023 08:52:35 am 
Started by Ulsinus - Last Post by Philip L
Some information from Manual of Seamanship, 1937 (Printed 1941). Volume one. By Authority of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. Refer to Books.

Page 28 and 29 (Page 28 is different subject. Cap Badges). Time, Divisional Organisation.

Page 30 and 31. Watch Organisation, Duty Men.

Page 32 and 33. Tricks, Other Duties provided from the Watch on Deck, Special Sea Duty  Men.

The information may give some idea of Watch keeping on WW2 Destroyer.

Philip L

 on: 26 November 2023 03:59:30 pm 
Started by Sleuth - Last Post by Sleuth
Many thanks for that and the link to DEMS; perhaps MA refers to Maritime Artillery or similar. My father had an accident whilst in Malta and was in hospital for some time, (attached to the shore base HMS St Angelo) and missed the fateful return of Troilus.

 on: 26 November 2023 11:21:22 am 
Started by Sleuth - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

Sorry, misread the Troilus entry - she was part of the Malta convoys but was actually sunk later, in 1944

She was however, clearly defensively armed, and would have been during Op Harpoon

 on: 26 November 2023 11:19:23 am 
Started by Sleuth - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

Lent does indeed mean that he was loaned to another ship/unit/base, but his admin records etc would have been retained by his 'parent' establishment

Regret I cannot answer your query on 'M A' or 'M A C' but it was not unusual for RN personnel to be carried on merchant ships in WW2.  Many merchant ships were armed (Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships - DEMS) with the weapons manned by either Royal Navy or Royal Artillery personnel.

As to Troilus, she was sunk when part of a Malta convoy - if you see this page on her sinking

you will see the mention of '12 gunners'  in addition to the crew 

 on: 24 November 2023 05:01:48 pm 
Started by Sleuth - Last Post by Sleuth
I have received from the MOD an excellent record of my father’s RN service during WW2 listing every ship and shore base in which he served. I knew he was involved in Combined Operations, HMS Quebec and HMS James Cook in Scotland. The records have thrown up two mysteries. Firstly they often show ‘Lent MA’ or ‘Mac’. I assume that this refers to being lent to another ship, but I can find no explanation of MA. Secondly he spoke about being in Malta in the summer of 1942 and early 1943, the ship mentioned being the Troilus. As I understand it Troilus was a merchant ship so what was my RN dad doing on it? Sorry for the long post from a newcomer to  the The Royal Navy Research Archive Forum. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

 on: 24 November 2023 12:09:20 pm 
Started by Gunnersgrandson - Last Post by Gunnersgrandson
Thank you

Of course this leads to further questions that you may or may not be able to help with.

Do you know of any sources where I can track down on what ship this previous service might have been on?

And on a different tack, I know that he was on Dauntless when she ran aground off Halifax in 1928

There is a faint note at the bottom of his service record which I think refers to this event in someway, however I am struggling to read it. Do you have any thoughts?


 on: 23 November 2023 07:24:31 am 
Started by TessaW - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

The badge does match that of the Penelope - and this design was not approved until 1934, for the new ship, so it belongs to the 1935 cruiser

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