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 on: 01 April 2024 07:48:32 am 
Started by dbeard105 - Last Post by dbeard105
I am currently doing some research into the Brigand Class of tugs that operated in various theatres of war during WW2. My father served on one of the class throughout the war years - HMS Bandit.

The now defunct DSRTA provided a great vehicle for exchanging information about rescue tugs. I have been endeavouring to find out who is now the custodian of the archived records of the Association in the hope that I might be able to access them, and possibly add to them with a memoir that I have written about HMS Bandit.

Can anyone in this forum point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance

 on: 23 March 2024 11:24:26 am 
Started by Philip L - Last Post by Philip L
I came across this newspaper article in the Advertiser, Adelaide, South Australia during WW2. I live in Adelaide but was born in Birmingham England. It may be of interest in regard to Submarines in WW2.

APA citation
GERMAN CONVOY LOSSES (1944, March 13). The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), p. 1. Retrieved April 6, 2024, from

Philip L

 on: 22 March 2024 08:53:12 pm 
Started by pidgeonpost - Last Post by pidgeonpost
I use password management software to generate secure passwords, and I've just screwed up the password change. The new password (16 characters long!) was activated on the forum, but I haven't been able to record it on the password management software app.   :( 
I can't change it again as I don't know the new password. Is there a reset facility please - I can't see one.


 on: 14 January 2024 09:17:26 am 
Started by CALitster - Last Post by CALitster
I would like to use a photo from the website in a book I'm writing about my grandfather's wartime service. It's from the collection of
Lieutenant Pearce Trewhella Lovelock DSC, RNVR, and is of HMT Pladda when she was blown ashore in Madagascar in 1943.

I have been unable to trace the copyright holder and wondered if anyone on the site has any suggestions or information regarding this photo.
Many thanks.

 on: 04 January 2024 12:29:08 pm 
Started by bigbert2023 - Last Post by bigbert2023

I am trying to find any details of a Albert Tegart (From Nottingham) who servied on HMS Ramillies during WW2, possibly a stoker.

I have searched all usual records but cant find any details at all, please can anyone help.

 on: 03 January 2024 09:55:53 am 
Started by Yoshi - Last Post by Yoshi
Good morning,

I am hoping someone can help me decipher what ships are listed on my wife's grandfathers discharge papers. I can decipher some but there are a few which i am unsure on. Its due to the writing style. Hoping someone with more experience with these can assist.

I believe the ones i have are below

1. Duke
2. Europa
7. Pembroke IV (Tower)
8. Europa
9. Badger

The ones i have found i think are all base ships or bases where he was based.

I still need to apply to the MOD for his service record, but i am presuming these will match. Sorry RN records in not my thing. So this is all new to me.

Thanks in advance.

 on: 02 January 2024 04:56:47 pm 
Started by garrettprestage - Last Post by garrettprestage
Thanks for this. I have attempted this in the past, but as my stepfather changed his name (unofficially), and thereby disconnected both himself and his subsequent family from his own past, it has been virtually impossible to establish next of kin bona fides, even for his children, my (half) siblings. Plus, we cannot find any information that verifies that a service record even exists in his (original) name, or provides us with his service number. Is there not an index somewhere that at least provides names (and, hopefully, service numbers)?

 on: 01 January 2024 09:33:48 pm 
Started by Paul_Harwood - Last Post by Paul_Harwood
Good evening all,

I am researching the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors (RCNC) and the Royal Naval Engineering Service (RNES) and I'm trying to compile a complete list of people who were in both organisations.

I have been using the Navy List, London Gazette and the RCNC Journal to identify people but I have a number of gaps. The RNES should feature in the Navy List from 1963-1975 and the RCNC until at least 1987 and possibly later.

I would greatly appreciate a picture of the pages for the RCNC and RNES if anyone has a copy of any Navy List for 1947-1950 (inclusive) or 1952-1955 (inclusive), 1957, 1959, 1961, 1963-1967 (inclusive), 1969 and 1971 onwards. It is usually listed as Naval Constructors, Royal Corps

Many thanks, Paul

 on: 01 January 2024 09:55:23 am 
Started by garrettprestage - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

For obtaining service records, see elsewhere on this website

 on: 31 December 2023 08:47:04 pm 
Started by garrettprestage - Last Post by garrettprestage
I am trying to find information about my stepfather’s service during WW2. His name was Kenneth Edward Lukes and he served aboard the HMS Lewes. The Lewes was scuttled off Sydney in 1946, but before that happened, my stepfather left the ship (in Adelaide I think), and was reported as having absconded. Unfortunately, he changed his name sometime thereafter, to Patrick Edward O’Toole, which has made it difficult to identify him properly, and even more difficult to establish any bone fides for accessing his records. We only know this much due to some newspaper records from the time.

Any advice on how to find his service records would be much appreciated.

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