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Author Topic: Changes to registration policy April 2013  (Read 27801 times)


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Changes to registration policy April 2013
« on: 06 April 2013 05:24:52 pm »

Due to a recent resurgence in automated spamming systems fooling the registration safeguards all applications must now be approved by the admin staff. It appears that these spam generating systems are sophisticated enough to be able to register, pass the anti-spam checks, and reply when asked for e-mail activation

On the night of April 4/5th 2013 four bogus members joined and over 500 posts were made advertising on-line meds. These attacks has been traced back to the Ukraine (although they claim to be from the US) and are too new to be in the anti-spam database of user-names and IP addresses, hence the change in policy.

We apologize for the incontinence but hope this will not deter anyone from signing up :).
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