The list below is complied from various sources: Commissioned officers are as they appear in the relevant editions of the Navy List [note, because of a time lag between appointments and the publication of the lists some officers are not included]. Names of Telegraphist Air Gunners are primarily drawn from incident reports. Maintenance and other squadron personnel from Admiralty Fleet Orders.  


Abbreviations: A = Air Branch, P = Pilot, O = Observer, TAG = Telegraphist Air Gunner, POAM = Petty Officer Airman, RM = Royal Nay, RM = Royal Marines, RNVR = Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, RCNVR = Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve, RNZNVR = Royal New Zealand Navy Volunteer Reserve, Tpy = Temporary, Mid = Midshipman, KIA = Killed in Action, MPK = Missing Presumed Killed, FTR = Failed To Return.


February 1945 - May 1946







Lieut. Conn. (A) R.N.V.R. (P)

H. A. P. Bullivant

28 Feb 45

In command

Tpy. Lieut. (A) R.N.V.R. (P)   L. A. Darby 28 Feb 45  
   C. R. T. Pemberton Bartlett 28 Feb 45 Killed, air crash 27 Mar 1945.
  G.H. Horne 11 Feb 46 n command
Tpy. Lieut. (A) R.N.V.R.  ())  J. C. Fairclough 28 Feb 45  
   J. J. Corkery -May 45  
Tpy. Lieut. (A) R.N.Z.N.V.R. (P)  I. E. Sweney 28 Feb 45  

Tpy. Sub- Lieut. (A) R.N.V.R. (P)

 W. J. Bailey 28 Feb 45  
   C. H. Birch 28 Feb 45  
   D. Bogle 28 Feb 45  
   H. G. Foster. 28 Feb 45  
   J. E. Jones 28 Feb 45  
   R. H. Moore 28 Feb 45  
   D. Parrack 28 Feb 45  
   J. W. H. Pritchard -May 45  
   C. A. West 28 Feb 45  
   H.C. Stokes ? 46  
Tpy. Acting Sub- Lieut. (A) R.N.V.R. (O)  H. G. Huckle 28 Feb 45  
    J. Louden 28 Feb 45  
   D. R. Simpson 28 Feb 45  
Tpy. Acting Sub- Lieut. (A) R.N.V.R. (P)  D. C. Drew 28 Feb 45  
   P. J. Hyde 28 Feb 45  
   W. L. Howell - Jul 45  
   D. A. Southom - Jul 45  



Pety Officer Airman

  R. McDougall


Junior Rates


Air MEchanic (E) FX. 109553

 D.W. Rutty

- Killed, air crash 27 Mar 1945.

Information drawn from the Navy list  April 1945 through April 1946 (final edition before squadron disbanded)


* Pilot appears in Navy List as being appointed to both 1839 and 1844 squadrons; both operated together as the 5th Naval Fighter Wing, and later 11th Carrier Air Group, Pilots regularly flew machines from each squadron.

 † 1840 squadron was disbanded on April 26th 1945 and many of its personnel and aircraft were transferred to 5 Naval Fighter Wing- however the Navy List continued to report these officers as being on 1840 in both the July and October 1945 editions.



List last modified 09 June 2020


In Memoriam





Lieut. (A) Christopher Richard PEMBERTON-BARTLETT, (P)  RNVR

Air Mechanic (Elelctical 1st Class Donald William RUTTY CWGC entry LEE-ON-SOLENT MEMORIAL Bay 6, Panel 2


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