764 Naval Air Squadron

Aircrew and squadron personnel

The list below is complied from various sources: Commissioned officers are as they appear in the relevant editions of the Navy List [note, because of a time lag between appointments and the publication of the lists some officers are not included]. Names of Telegraphist Air Gunners are primarily drawn from incident reports. Maintenance and other squadron personnel from Admiralty Fleet Orders.  

Abbreviations: A = Air Branch, P = Pilot, O = Observer, TAG = Telegraphist Air Gunner, RNVR = Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, RANVR = Royal Australian Navy Volunteer Reserve, RCNVR = Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve, RNZNVR = Royal New Zealand Navy Volunteer Reserve, Tpy = Temporary, Mid = Midshipman, KIA = Killed in Action, MPK = Missing Presumed Killed.

Dates: Dates for commanding officers are taken from Sturtivant, R & Balance, T., (1994)'Squadrons of the Fleet Air Arm'  All other dates are taken from the Navy Lists and may not accurately reflect the exact date of appointment. Date of death is taken from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission records.

764 (1) April 1940 - Movember1943





Lieut. Com. (P)

 F. E. C. Judd

08 Apr 40

In command


 H. L. McCulloch

16 Jul 40 In command, ex 765 NAS

 H. Wright

17 Oct 41 In command


 J.O.B Young

16 Jun 43 In command

Tpy. Lieut. Com. (A) R.N.V.R. (P)

J. E. Mansfield 01 Feb 43 In command from 10 Apr 43 to 16 Jun 32†

Lieut. (P)

 N. G. Hallett

 24 Apr 40


 R. J. H. Stephens

 13 Jun 40 Ex 765 NAS

 M. B. P. Franklin, DSC

 26 Jan 42  

Tpy. Lieut. (A) (P)

 D. French

07 Aug 43  

Tpy. Lieut. (A) R.N.V.R. (O)

 W. G. A. Shepherd

 23 Nov 42  

Tpy. Sub- Lieut. (A) R.N.V.R. (P)

 H.R. Spalding

23 Nov 42  
   F.W. Smallwood ?  

Information drawn from the Navy list June 1940 through October 1943 (final edition before squadron disbanded)
† Appointment included duties as Officer in Charge RNAS Lawrenny Ferry until 16 June 1943.


764 (2) February1944 - September1945





Tpy. Capt., R.M.

 D. B. L. Smith 03 Ju 45 In command

Lieut. (P)

 E. D. J. R. Whatley 16 Feb 44

In command

   K. Lee-White 01 Sep 44 In command

Tpy. Lieut. (A) R.N.V.R. (P)

 D. L. R. Hutchinson 19 Apr 44

In command

   G. A. Donoghue 20 Nov 44 In command
   J. H. B. Bedells 26 Jan 45  

Tpy. Lieut. (A) R.N.V.R. (O)

 W. G. A. Shepherd 16 Feb 44 *
Tpy. act. Sub- Lieut. (A), R.C.N.V.R. (P)  D. G. Frampton 16 Feb 44  
   A. C. Francis 16 Feb 44  
   D. H. Collett 25 Sep 44  
   F. P. Jones 14 Sep 44  
   E. C. Spreadbury 10 Nov 44  
   J. Incley 23 Jan 45  
   R. I. B. Tavener ?  
Tpy. act. Sub- Lieut. (A) R.N.V.R. (O)  D. W. H. Waite 01 Apr 44  

Information drawn from the Navy list April 1944 through October 1945 (final edition before squadron disbanded)
*May have been incorrectly listed in Navy Lists as he was a member of the original disbanded squadron.


764 (3) May1953 - Novtember1954





Lieut. Com (P)

 P.S. Brewer 18 May 53

In command

   B. Bevans DSC, 28 Sep 53 In command

Information drawn from the Navy list October 944 through April 1946 (final edition which mentions the squadron)



764 (4) February 1955 - July 1972





Lieut. Com. (P)

D. F. Battinson

24 Jan 55

In command


J. W. Ayres

17 Jan 56


C. V. Gregory

24 Jan 55


K. A. Leppard

24 Jan 55


F. W. S. Grant

02 May 55


U. P. Swithinbank

02 May 55


D. T. McKeown

17 Jun 57

In command


R. M. P. Came

20 Apr 59

In command


J. C. Mather

02 Dec 60

In command


J. N. S. Anderdon

07 Jan 61

In command


G. W. G. Hunt

31 Aug 64

In command


M. F. Kennett

22 Nov 65

In command


R. J. Northard

06 Sep 68

In command


R. W. Edwards

06 May 70

In command


Lieut.-Com. (E) (P) (A/E)

N. C. Fitzgerald

28 Mar 55


Lieutenant (E) (A/E)

E. O. Tonkin

03 Oct 55


Lieutenant . (P)

R. D. Forrest

11 Apr 56


A. Mancais

11 Nov 57



N. J. P. Mills

- May 58



C. S. Caspard

18 Dec 59

Senior Pilot


E. Cape

16 Feb 62

Senior Pilot - promoted to Lieut. Com. (P) and appointed as C.O.from 01 May 1967


P. C. Marshall

18 Nov 63

Senior Pilot


T. J. Notley

13 Jun 66

Senior Pilot


I. P. F. Meiklejohn

12 Dec 69

Senior Pilot


Sub- Lieut. (P) 

A. King

24 Jan 55


W. T. H. Fleury

24 Jan 55


Cd. Pilot

W. A. Newton

14 Nov 55


Information drawn from the various Navy list editions beginning   April 1956 through Spring 1970. Note: from 1957 editions C.O. and Senior Pilot only are listed for R.N Air Squadrons.


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