The list below is complied from various sources: Commissioned officers are as they appear in the relevant editions of the Navy List [note, because of a time lag between appointments and the publication of the lists some officers are not included]. Names of Telegraphist Air Gunners are primarily drawn from incident reports. Maintenance and other squadron personnel from Admiralty Fleet Orders.  


Abbreviations: A = Air Branch, P = Pilot, O = Observer, TAG = Telegraphist Air Gunner, RNVR = Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, RNZNVR = Royal New Zealand Navy Volunteer Reserve, Tpy = Temporary, Mid = Midshipman, KIA = Killed in Action, MPK = Missing Presumed Killed.



840 June 42 - August 43


Commission officers




Lieutenant (A),  (P) ....  ...  ...  ...  ...  ...

L. R. Tivy 4 May 42

In command (to 842 as C.O. 21 Apr 43)

  C. M. T. HaUewell 2 Mar 43 In command 21 Apr 1943
Lieutenant (P) ....  ...  ...  ...  ...  ... R. H. Jourdain 2 Mar 43  

Tpy. Sub- Lieut. (A), R.N.V.R. (P) ...  ...

T. G. Williams 4 May 42  
  J. L. Tucker - Jun 42  
  A.H. Steel 21 Apr 43  
  P. W. B. Roberts 1 Jul 43  

Tpy. Sub- Lieut. (A), R.N.V.R. (O) ...  ...

T. D. Meade 4 May 42


  J. Rodway 4 May 42


  R. Ankers 4 May 42


  G. E. Cross - Jun 42  
  C. S. H. Sawers 10 Mat 43  

Tpy. Acting Sub- Lieut. (A), R.N.V.R. (P)

J. L. Tucker 2 Mar 43  




Tpy. Acting Sub- Lieut. (A), R.N.V.R. (O)

M. J. Mackean 30 Jun 43  

Tpy. Acting Sub- Lieut. (A), R.N.Z.N.V.R. (O)

R. B. Tait 28 Jun 43  

Telegraphist Air Gunners






Maintenance personnel




Information drawn from the Navy list June 1942 through August 1943 (final edition listing squadron officers)



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