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Admiralty Floating Dock 22



Members of the crew on the dock floor. [1]



Below: Sequence of photos [2 -8] showing the dock in operation lifting the destroyer HMS Van Galen

in Trincomalee harbour during 1945.


[2]       [3]


[4]        [5]



[6]        [7]




Above and below: AFD 22? at Trincomalee, Ceylon in early 1946 [9]


January 13h 1946 some of the crew of AFD22; picture taken on board their small workboat in Trincomalee. Chief Shipwright Harry French (far left back row), third from left is Lt. Cdr Tilsley the incoming C.O., and beside him (shirtless) is Lt. Cullen outgoing C.O. of the dock. [11]


images 1- 8 courtesy of Mr. Roy Hillman and also appear on  the web as part of 'A Short History of HMS St Christopher'

images 9 & 10 courtesy of Mrs Kay Morgan

image 11 courtesy of Harry French



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