• The concept of a mobile unit capable of providing shore based aviation support for fleet operations was conceived in late 1942
  • It was to be the middle of 1944 before sufficient resources could be spared to allow the scheme to become a reality
  • The first MONAB commissioned as a fully independent unit in October 1944.
  • The last MONAB was disbanded in 1955.


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This site is an attempt to tell the stories of the Mobile Naval Air Bases of the Royal Navy. How they came into being and the experiences and achievements of these unique naval units, both during World War Two and in the post war years. The story is far from complete, the information contained within these pages is compiled from official records, published accounts and personal reminiscences of those who served in the various units.


Nine Mobile Naval Air Bases and one Transportable Aircraft Maintenance Yard operated during the last years of WW2. Without the contribution made by these units and the men who served in them, the British forces could not have participated in the final stages of the conflict in the Pacific.

These are their stories...



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