Latitude 35°53'40"N Longitude 14°25'15"E

ACQUISITION (1943) RN Lodger unit

(1944) Transferred to RN on temporary loan in February

(1945) Full control transferred to Admiralty in April. Airfield under reconstructed and repair.




CLOSED To C & M status 1947


PAID OFF 09.06.1953 and returned to R.A.F. control.
C.O./O.I.C. Commander J.A.D. Wroughton, D.S.C., R.N.
FUNCTION Satellite to R.N.A.S. Hal Far

Fleet Requirement Unit (728 Squadron lees pilotless planes, which will be operated from Hal Far).

Accommodation for 1 R.A.F. Squadron.

Minor aircraft maintenance. On loan from R.A.F


ADDRESS R.N. Air Station,





The airfield lies near the centre of Malta, 4 miles W. of Valletta and one mile NE. of Rabat. Mosta lies. ½ mile N.


LANDMARKS The town and harbour of Valletta. The Church done at Mosta.


ROAD AND RAIL ACCESS Access by first Glass read to Valletta distant 5 mile. (R), and to Rabat, distant 1½ miles (R). Accesses by road to all parts of the Island, but many of the roads are marrow and badly surfaced. No nail communication. Estimative pert facilities at Valletta.
CONTROL Control Building near centre on SW. side of runway.
Caution: Great care mat be exercised when landing, taking off or morring in E. and NE. winds, as velocities up to 70 knots sometime occur.


ELEVATION  325' above M.S.L.


RUNWAYS One, Tarmac.

13/31 QDM. 135° -315° .... 965 x 50 yds. 

* Runway extended to 2000 x 50 yds. post war.


LANDING AREA DIMENSIONS 835 ycls. NE/SW and 750 yds. NE/SW. T. landing area has a grass surface roughly oval in shape; Unserviceable after prolonged rains..
A total run of 2,000 yds. from NE. to Sw., can be provided made up of 965 yds. of runway, 853 yds. of grassed surface and 200 yds. of what was formerly tamac runway, but at present in a state of disrepair. It is intended to mark the continuation of-the extension across the grass area by atones blocks sunk into the ground at 25 yd. intervals. The ground slopes down to NW. and SE. from the NW. end of the runway.


*Not valid after post war reconstruction.

TRACKS A perimeter taxi-track, giving access to aircraft pens exists; where new construction is necessary, this track will have a width of 50'. Taxi-tracks give access to dispersed pens and hardstandings; where new construction is necessary, this track will have a width of 40'


OBSTRUCTIONS Navigation Rising ground to W., with hills rising to 668' within 1 mile W. of airfield's NW boundary, and Nadur Tower, (785'), distant 2 miles W. Hills rising to 738' distant 2¾ miles W.
Circuit  & Approach The following are reported but their exact positions are red confirmed.
E ........ Chimney distant 2 miles.
SSE ........4 W/T maasts, 100’ distant 3 miles.
S ........H.T. cable. 300 yds. from boundary, height 40'

None recommended. No station D/F facilities. Approach entirely visible.

WIND INDICATOR Two windsocks, one 50 yds. N. of Control Building, the other on the N. boundary,
Illuminated portable landing T for positioning by side of duty runway.
HOMING - VISUAL By day None.
By night (1945) Landmark beacon (MA) and Occult at R.A.F. Luca.

(1948) Airfield beacon flashing red 'LU' at R.A.F. Luca.


HOMING--RADIO D/F (1945) H/F., VH/F. D/F to Island only available through R.A.F. Sector Control.

(1948) V.H../F.

Beacons (1945) YG.

(1948) YG, YJI


By night (1945) Portable night lighting (to be installed).

(1948) Portable night lighting (to be installed). Gosse Neck.


APPROACH - RADIO None at Ta Kali. Radio compass beacon in position 35˚ 49' N. 14˚ 32' E.


COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT M/F & H/F  (1948) 3 transmitters, 6 receivers.
VH/F  (1948) 6 transmitters,  6 receivers.

ACCOMMODATION (1945) a new Camp for all personnel is to be built. At present, Officers’ quarters at St. Agatha's Convent, Rabat, Chiefs and P.O.'s at Tel Virtu Camp, Rabat, and ratings at the P.D.V. Hotel, Rabat.
(1948) new camps located SE and SW of centre of runway.


Capacity: (1945) (1948)
Officers: 70 80
Chiefs, P.O.s and ratings: 635 559
W.R.N.S.  Officers: None. None.
W.R.N.S. Chiefs, P.O.s and ratings; None. None.


ARMOURIES Adequate only for small station.


COMPASS BASE One already exists; to be used for smell aircraft. A larger one, for twin engined aircraft, is to be made from concrete base of existing double pen.


DISPERSAL (1945) Dispersal tracks, leading to pens; 26 pens for twin engined aircraft and 60 hardstandings for single engined aircraft exist. Additional hardstanding, to be constructed am required. Pens being removed.
(1948) 12 hard standings for single engined aircraft. Additional hardstanding, to be constructed am required.


HANGARS None; aircraft to remain in the open or use pens that have been roofed in.


MEDICAL Local facilities. Sick Bay: No bed accommodation except for immediate treatment of crashes. Hospitals: R.N.H. Bighi., 8 miles, 90th General Hospital 2 miles.

(1948) As above, with Bed accommodation:, 3 officers, 18 ratings, one isolation if extra staff available.


METEOROLOGICAL Data supplied by meteorological Station in Valletta.
Prevailing winds approximately in the direction of the runway, light in summer.


FUEL AND OIL Aviation - (1945) 12,000 gallon underground storage tanks: 100 octane only.

(1948) Facility condemned

M/T - (1945)1,000 gallon underground storage tanks.

(1948) 2,000 gallon underground storage tanks. A second 2.0000 gallon tank to be installed.

Oil - (1945) 2,000 gallon tank and pump to be installed.
Stocks at present held in chums ;34A/32; 34A/114 and 34A/116

(1946) Nil.






WORKSHOPS (1945) Four Dorland hangars to be erected for use as maintenance hangars. Workshop facilities to be provided by Mobile Workshop Unit using evicting hardstandings and huts. Six "Compact C" portable hangars to be installed.


VISITORS As directed by flying control.



Air to air

Firing range 100° Ta Kali 18 miles

Information taken from CB 4368 B. Admiralty Handbook of Naval Air Stations Aug. 45 and B.R. 1807 Admiralty Handbook of Naval Air Stations Dec. 48



List of first and second line squadrons, station flight and other flying units based at this location



Fleet Requirements Unit

Moved here from RN Air Section North Front 11.11.1944.  Disbanded here 07.12.1944

Equipped with 12 Defiant TT. & Swordfish.



820 Torpedo Spotter Reconnaissance Squadron

Disembarked from H.M.S. FORMIDABLE 11 - 17 08.1943

Operated Albacore I
826 Torpedo Spotter Reconnaissance Squadron

Moved here from RAF Tafaraoui 10.07.1943. Disbanded here 16.10.1943

Operated Albacore I & Swordfish I.

885 Fleet Fighter Squadron

Disembarked from H.M.S. FORMIDABLE 31 .07.1943 to 21.08.1943

Disembarked from H.M.S. FORMIDABLE 30.08.1943 to 05.09.1943

Disembarked from H.M.S. FORMIDABLE 12.09.1943 Moved to RAF Sidi Ahmed 16.09.1943 returned 17.09.1943.

Re-embarked in H.M.S. FORMIDABLE  20.09.1943.

Equipped with Seafire Ib.

888 Fleet Fighter Squadron

Detachment (8) disembarked from H.M.S. FORMIDABLE 17 .07.1943 to 28.08.1943

Disembarked from H.M.S. FORMIDABLE 30.08.1943 to 05.09.1943

Disembarked from H.M.S. FORMIDABLE 12.09.1943 to 20.09.1943.

Equipped with Martlet II.







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Takali in 1947 - new accommodation sites are comleted.


Takali after post-war reconstruction.



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