1830 Naval Air Squadron

Aircrew and squadron personnel

The list below is complied from various sources: Commissioned officers are as they appear in the relevant editions of the Navy List [note, because of a time lag between appointments and the publication of the lists some officers are not included]. Names of Telegraphist Air Gunners are primarily drawn from incident reports. Maintenance and other squadron personnel from Admiralty Fleet Orders.

Abbreviations: A = Air Branch, P = Pilot, O = Observer, TAG = Telegraphist Air Gunner, RNVR = Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, RANVR = Royal Australian Navy Volunteer Reserve, RCNVR = Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve, RNZNVR = Royal New Zealand Navy Volunteer Reserve, Tpy = Temporary, Mid = Midshipman, KIA = Killed in Action, MPK = Missing Presumed Killed.

Dates: Dates for commanding officers are taken from Sturtivant, R & Balance, T., (1994)'Squadrons of the Fleet Air Arm'  All other dates are taken from the Navy Lists and may not accurately reflect the exact date of appointment. Date of death is taken from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission records.

June 1943 - July 1945





Lieut. Conn. (A), (P)

D. B. M. Fiddes, DSO

01 Jun 43

In command
Killed, air crash,12 Dec 43

Lieut. Conn. (A) R.N.V.R. (P) A. M. Tritton, DSC

18 Dec 43

In command
Ex C.O. 1834 Sqn


Tpy. Lieut. (A) R.C.N.V.R. (P)

J. E. Gaunt 01 Jun 43 Killed, air crash, 03.06.43
  A. W. Sutton 15 Jun 43 KIA, Operation MERIDIAN One 24.1.45

Tpy. Sub-Lieut. (A) R.N.V.R. (P)

J. L. Apted 24 Aug 44 Ex 1838 Sqn
  R. W. H. Boyns - Jan 45  
  W.J. R.Christie 24 Aug 44 Ex 1838 Sqn
  P. S.Cole 18 Nov 43 Ex 1831 Sqn
  B. R. Guy 01 Jun 43 Killed, air crash, 31.5.44
  R. Fullarton 18 Nov 43 Ex 1831 Sqn
  D. F. Hadman 01 Jun 43  
  A. M. L. Harris 01 Jun 43 Killed, air crash 14.6.43
  D. W.Howe 15 Jan 45  
  G. McHardy 15 Jun 43  
  B. McLaren 18 Nov 43 Ex 1831 Sqn
  A. T. Millard 01 Jun 43  
  D. H. Morgan 01 Jun 43  
  D. B. Monteith ? Killed, sir crash 11. 1.44
  S. Newton 06 Nov 44  
  J. L. D. Roberts 24 Aug 44 Ex 1838 Sqn
  G. S. P. Salmon 24 Aug 44 Ex 1838 Sqn
  H. G. Seott 24 Aug 44 Ex 1838 Sqn
  J. A. O. Shaw 06 Nov 44  
  H. D. Whelpton 05 May 44  
Tpy. Sub-Lieut. (A), R.C.N.V.R. (P) D. H. Pawson 05 May 44  
 Tpy. act Sub-Lieut. (A), R.N.Z.N.V.R. (P) B. D. E. Quigg 18 Nov 43 Ex 1831 Sqn
Tpy. act. Sub- Lieut. (A) R.N.V.R. (P) A. H. Brown 01 Jun 43 KIA, Operation MERIDIAN One 24.1.45
  C. Facer 01 Jun 43  
  A. T. Graham-Cann... 01 Jun 4301 Jun 43 DOI after deck landing crash 13.1.45
  L. H. E. Retallick    

Information drawn from the Navy list July 1943 through July 1945



List last modified 01 September 2022

In Memoriam

The Fleet Air Arm memorial at Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire. Located outside the former Naval Air Station and Fleet Air Arm Barracks this records the names of almost 2,000 men of that service who died during the Second World War and who have no known grave.

Details taken from the records of the Commonwealth War Grave Commission

Name & Rank

CWGC details

Date of death


Lieut-Cdr (A) (P) Donald Brian Milner FIDDES RN

CWGC Record

12 December 1943


Sub-Lieut. (A) (P) James Ernest GAUNT, RCNVR

CWGC Record

03 June 1943

Lot 5199. Grave 336.

Sub-Lieut. (A) (P) Anthony Max Leslie HARRIS, RNVR

CWGC Record


14 June 1943

Navy Sec. Plots 172-177. Grave 17.

Sub-Lieut. (A) (P) David Bremner MONTEITH, RNVR

CWGC Record


11 January 1944 LEE-ON-SOLENT MEMORIAL Bay 5, Panel 6.

Sub-Lieut. (A) (P) Brian Rebbeck GUY, RNVR

CWGC Record


24 January 1945 LEE-ON-SOLENT MEMORIAL Bay 5, Panel 5.

Sub-Lieut. (A) (P) Albert Henry BROWN, RNVR

CWGC Record

24 January 1945 LEE-ON-SOLENT MEMORIAL Bay 6, Panel 3.

Sub-Lieut. (A) (P)   Anthony Provan GRAHAM-CANN, RNVR

CWGC Record

2. D. 19.

Lieut. (A) (P)  Arthur William SUTTON, RCNVR

CWGC Record

24 January 19454

3. D. 18.


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