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Looking for answers




If you are enquiring about Service Records and for information on who holds records and how to request them.

[Service records of Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Marines Reserve, Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Royal Naval Division, Royal Naval Air Service, and WRNS]




If you are enquiring about medals, badges or emblems 

[ i.e. Current and previous Campaign medals, Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, Volunteer Reserves Service Medal,  Russian Convoy Medal,  Arctic Emblem,  UK Armed Forces Veteran's Badge, UK Merchant Seafarers Veteran’s Badge.]




Search casualty lists of the Royal Navy and Dominion Navies, 1922-present 

A link to an external resource - a  comprehensive listing of the service details of men and women killed in RN and RM service; search by unit, force, surname, service number or month/year.




Looking for Ship's Log Boos?

The National Archive hold many log books, this link will take you to the relevant section -  How to find Royal Navy ships' log books




Looking for former shipmates or relatives, photographs of individuals, ships, or establishments, and all other enquiries

You may now post your  question  or request on the RN Research Archive's forum  which allows your query to be seen by the maximum number of people who may have the knowledge to provide an answer.




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