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Royal Navy

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Royal Marines

Combined Operations & Royal Navy Commandos

Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service

Women’s Royal Naval Service




Pages recalling the service lives of f individuals who served in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, and WRNS.


World War One





  World War Two


  • Leading Seaman Kenneth Oakley Royal Navy Commando
    A tribute page and gallery about Ken's time as an assistant to RN Beach Masters on invasion beaches during WW2.

  • Telegraphist (S) Clifford Dennison
    Trained as a specialist Telegraphist Clifford found himself at a remote radio station in India working as part of the naval signals intelligence organisation based at HMS Anderson in Colombo, eavesdropping on Japanese morse code transmission.

  • WRNS Ldg Officer's Steward Lois Lade
    A short piece about Lois; time as an 'immobile' Wren working at HMS Vernon (R) in Brighton during WW2

  • WRNS Torpedoman Barbara Sugden   
    Barbara enlisted in the WRNS with no expectation of what role she would play in the war effort; imagine her surprise when she was allocated to a branch newly opened to women. She was to train as a Torpedoman and soon found herself working on depth charges and gyro compasses, sometimes even at sea.

  • Wren Anne McCormick  
    A brief account of an accident in 1943 which claimed the lives of 8 WRNS ratings and how one of these young women is still remembered to this day.




Post World War Two

National Service:

  • .CODER (Specialist) ANGUS KIDD
    In "I Spy" Angus recalls his time as a national serviceman in the Royal Navy, his selection and training for specialisation in interception of  Russian communications during the Cold War era.

  • Leading Coder (S) Dennis Mills
    Dennis recalls his life in the royal navy as a national service entrant 1952-54, He trained as a Coder (Special) and served at H.M.S. Royal Albert in Germany before his demob and then ten years in the reserves.




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