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Diaries and journals recounting service lives of f individuals who served through the ages.



  • Diary of Gunner August Joyce Halden, Royal Marine Artillery *NEW**
     Covering December 1903 to August 1906 Gunner Halden records events during his time on the China Station. Transcript and scrapbook available

  • Journal of A.B, (Gunner) William Judson 1908 to 1910 **NEW**
    Follows William as part of the crew draft of the gunboat H.M.S READBREAST on the East Indies Station. From RN Barracks Plymouth (VIVID) to Bombay and anti-smuggling patrols in the Persian Gulf from April 1908 until paying off in March 1910 and his return to H.M.S. VIVID.

  • ,Journal of the Reverend William Elliot, a Georgian Naval Chaplain
     Based around his Journal covering March 1808 to November 1814 this gives some insight onto the role the Naval Chaplains who served during the Napoleonic Wars. The original journal is available as a PDF, as is the full transcript.

  • Eleven months aboard H.M. Submarine STORM
    Formed around extracts from the wartime diary of Able Seaman (Torpedoman) Harold Machin who served on H.M. S/M STORM during her service with the Eastern Fleet. The diary covers the period January to November 1944.

  • Eleven months aboard HMS INDOMITABLE  
    One sailors diary of his first eleven months at sea on the new Fleet Carrier HMS INDOMITABLE covering September 1941 to August 1942 - combined with another sailors photographs this gives an insight into the  first year of the ship's commission.

  • The diary of Petty Officer Ernest Arthur Cobb
    Diary of events during the ill-fated first commission of the Hawkins-class heavy cruiser, HMS Raleigh on the North America and West Indies Station, wrecked after only a year in service.



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