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Flying operations and incidents


STRIKER on convoy escort duties seen from the rear cockpit of one of 824 squadron's Swordfish. Another Swordfish is parked on the far end of the flight deck.





Above & Below: A wobbly landing resulting in a broken port undercarriage strut.


Above & below:  Sub Lt. D.A. Davis flying Swordfish Mk.II LS240 ‘G’ makes a tricky landing in a heavy swell, the aircraft caught the last wire before ending up on its nose, 10 March 1944.


Above & below:  A badly damaged Swordfish, it's engine having been ripped from it's mounts by a deck crash the airframe is stripped of all usable equipment before being dumped overboard as a write0off.





A Sea Hurricane of 824 squadron awaiting take off for a patrol, STRIKER's sister CVE HMS FENCER is sailing in formation with her.


Above: A Sea Hurricane on final approach, arrestor hook down and moments from touchdown. Below: Crash on landing - the port undercarriage leg has collapsed.


† Above & below:  June 2nd 1944 – Sub-Lt. J.W. Hayes in Sea Hurricane Ilc JS222 ('Q') of 824 Squadron, bounced on landing, floated into the barrier collapsing the undercarriage .


† Above & below: December 31sy 1943 – Sub-Lt. PA Clarke in Sea Hurricane Ilc NF699 ('P' LIBBY) of 824 Squadron, floated into the barrier damaging the undercarriage, engine and propeller. This aircraft was normally flown by Major V.B.G. Cheesman R.M.  who named it after his girlfriend.


Above & below: June 13th,1944Sub-Lieutenant P.A. Clark in Sea Hurricane IIc NF694 'U' flies into the barrier after failing to catch a wire,


Above: June 7th 1944 Sub-Lieutenant E.C. Godden in Sea Hurricane Mk.IIc, NF674 'R' flies into the barrier after failing to catch a wire . Below: Another of 824 squadron's Sea Hurricanes ends up in the Barrier.






Grumman Wildcats replaced the Sea Hurricanes of 824 in the summer of 1944, these aircraft wear the invasion stripes for D-Day operations.


STRIKER with 824 squadron Wildcats and Swordfish on deck.


October 16 1944, Lt. R Moss in Wildcat JV442 ‘S’ of 824 squadron after an arrester wire parted and the aircraft broke through both flight deck barriers and hit the tail of Swordfish LS231 parked forward. it then slewed into the island structure. A member of the flight deck personnel, AM(A) Harry Barrow was killed




Governor General of Gibraltar Visits Striker


Above & next 3 photos: Lieutenant General Sir Ralph Eastwood, Governor General of Gibraltar, inspects the ship at Gibraltar.




Convoy escort duties, North Atlantic, Gibraltar & Russia


Above & Below: Rough seas as seen from the stern of '8STRIKER'8.



Refuelling HMS EXE astern in heavy seas.


HMS FENCER seen from the Stern of STRIKER fighting her way through rough Atlantic seas.


Above: The USSR Arkhangelsk (ex. RN Battleship HMS Royal Sovereign) at Murmansk, Northern Russia. She was delivered to the Russian Navy as part of convoy JW59 - Loch Ewe to Murmansk, escorted by the cariers STRIKER & VINDEX in August 1944.

Above & Below: A concert given in the hanger of HMS STRIKER whilst anchored at Murmansk awaiting the return convoy, RA59A, which departed Kola Inlet on the 27th for Loch Ewe. Both British and Russian sailors attended.





Unless stated otherwise all photos are from the album of C.P.O. Sick Berth Attendant Richard Webb, reproduced with the kind permission of his widow Mrs. Margaret Webb

Photos marked are from the album of JX276479 Ordinary Signalman Robert William Lee,  reproduced with the kind permission of his son Brian Lee.


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