A history of 1833 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Air Squadron

July 1947 - March 1957


Formation and work-up

No. 1833 squadron officially re-formed at RNAS Bramcote on July 15th1947 as an RNVR Fighter squadron., Lt. Cdr (A) L. F. Auckland, RNVR in command. It was one of four squadrons formed in 1947 as the RNVR Air Branch, the other three were 1830 at RNAS Abbotsinch, 1831 at RNAS Stretton, and 1832 at RNAS Culham. Initial equipment issue was 6 Seafire F.17s.

Flying took place at RNAS Bramcote  each week-end. Pilots and Observers were required to carry out 14 days' continuous training each year, 100 hours non-continuous training (drills), and 12 week-ends on squadron duty. During this time they were expected achieve a minimum of 75 and a maximum of 125 flying hours. The two weeks of continuous annual training in air warfare and weapons training was carried out at other naval air stations; the first was at RNAS Culdrose, 15th - 29th June 1948.

Supermarine Seafire F.47 of 1833 RNVR squadron at RNAS Bramcote.

RNVR Air Divisions created

On June 1st 1952 the squadrons of the RNVR Air Branch and its squadrons was reorganized into 5 Divisions; Scottish, Northern, Midland, Southern, The Midland Air Division was formed at RNAS Bramcote initially comprising of only 1833 squadron. However on February 16th 1954 No.1844 squadron reformed as an RNVR anti-submarine squadron equipped with 6 Firefly FR.5s.

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R.N.V.R. Air Branch disbands

Due tor defence spending cuts the R.N.V.R. Air Branch was axed in 1957, the organisation and its squadrons ceased to exist on March 10th 1957.



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Primary information sources

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Motto: In caelo regimus

(We rule the skies) 





Battle Honours

Sabang 1944

Palembang 1945

Okinawa 1945

Aircraft Types

Seafire F.17 Aug 1947 - Jul 1952

Seafire F.15 Jul 1949 - Aug 1951

Harvard T.2b Aug 1947 - Sep 1950

Harvard T.3 Jan 1949 - Jan 1955

Anson 1 Dec 1949 - Jul 1954

Sea Fury T.20 Oct 1950 - Oct 1955

Sea Hornet PR.22 Jun 1951 - Feb 1952

Seafire FR.47 Jun 1952 - May 1954

Firefly T.2 Sep 1952 - Oct 1952

Firefly T.3 Nov 1952 - Jul 1954

Tiger Moth T.2 Jul 1953 - Sep 1953

Sea Fury FB.11 Feb 1954 - Jul 1955

Attacker FB.2 Oct 1955 - Mar 1957


Commanding Officers

Lt. Cdr (A) L. F. Auckland DSC RNVR 15 Aug 1947

Lt. Cdr (A) R. IM. Scott OBE RNVR 16 Mar 1948

Lt. Cdr (A) R. F. Hallamn RNVR 1 Feb 1950

Lt. Cdr (A) B. W. Vigrass RNVR 1 Apr 1952

Lt. Cdr (A) D. G. Jenkins DFC RNVR 28 Jun 1953

Squadron disbanded 10 Mar 1957






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Moray Hallam
Jul 2020
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Moray Hallam (UK) says...

Dear Sir,

In your list of Commanding Officers of RNVR squadron 1833, listed is Lt Cdr "R.F.Hallamn". I would like to advise you that the name has an error and should be Lt Cdr R.F.Hallam.

Yours faithfully

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