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The Escort Carrier H.M.S. ARBITER undergoing sea trials



11 Avengers of 853  squadron fly over the ship off Vancouver c. April 4th 1944. The squadron was based ashore at the  RCAF airfield at Sea Island from where they embarked for passage to the UK. A twelfth aircraft joined them soon after, having been delayed during the long cross-country flight from USNAS Squantum  to Vancouver in March


The  'Batsman' guides an 853 squadron Avenger as it comes in to land.


Above & Below: HMS ARBITER moored on the Clyde, possibly June 22nd 1944 after arriving at Glasgow to unload her first ferry load and before sailing for her second.



Flying training on route to Australia


 The men of 1843 Squadron on board H.M.S. ARTIER


Fire on deck - one of the aircraft parked on the after end of the flight deck is drenched with fom. Date unknown.


A Corsair picks up speed as it starts an unassisted take off


Images 1,2,&3 - 22nd February 1945 Lt. Appleton puts Corsair Mk IV KD611's port undercarriage into the catwalk.

2. Surveying the damage.

3. Heave! The aircraft is retrieved through the application of brute force.

Images 4, 5, & 6 - March 11th 1945 S/Lt DA Golding in Corsair Mk IV KD603 makes a spectacular landing on ARBITER.

5. The violent deceleration of impacting the barrier throws the aircraft onto its nose, and finally onto its back.

 6. KD603 finally comes to rest on her back .



Images 7, 8, 9 & 10. - 22nd March 1945; a sequence of four images of Corsair KD607 as she side slips into the starboard catwalk, then falls overboard, taking a gun mounting with her. The final image is inspecting the damage. The pilot Lt. Appleton was safely recovered

8. KD607 barely afloat while her pilot makes his escape.

9. KD607 begins to sink as she falls behind the carrier.

10. Officers look at he mangled remains of the 20mm Oerlikon mount dragged overboard the falling aircraft.



Images 11,12,&13 - 11 Port Said and passing through the Suez Canal

12. Port Said.

13. The canal


Burial at sea


The whire ensign flies at half mast.

Above and next three images: the The funeral service is conducted on the Port aft gun deck for an unknown crewman. The body is draped with the Union flag and is finally slipped overboard.





Unless stated otherwise all photos are from the albums of A.A.4 (O) Maurice Ayling, 1843 Squadron,
& Mr. Norman Phipps, whose Great grandfather served on Arbiter.


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