The former USS ALTAMAHA is launched April 4th 1942.

From the private collection of  John Worthington.




Ships company at Pasgagula, Mississippi, ready to bring HMS Battler to the UK. Click for larger image



Captain  F.M.R. Stephenson RN †



Flying work-up and passage to New York


HMS BATTLER on sea trials



Self defence armament: Above twin 40mm Bofors mounts. Below 4½ gun during night live fire exercise.


New York †



Working up and voyage to Greenock


Above: A Swordfish of 835 Squadron being brought up from the hanger deck. © IWM (A 16649)

Below: THe aircraft is prepared for take-off as its torpedo is checked. © IWM (A 16647)


Rescue Motor Launch 544 moored alongside BATTLER, probably on the Clyde during the carrier's work-up period. †






HMS Battler in Grand Harbour Malta, September 1943 with a deck full of Seafire L.IIcs belonging to 807 and 808 squadrons during Operation AVALANCHE.

Below: Admiral Vian addresses the ships' company at Malta. †



Above: Ships of Force V seen from HMS BATTLER during operation AVALANCHE. The larger carrier in the center is HMS UNICORN. †

Above: MS STALKER and other vessels of TF 88 seen from BATTLER †

HMS BATTLER leads the carriers HUNTER, ATTACKER and STALKER Off the Italian coast †


Above: Ships of the invasion force seen from HMS BATTLER during operation AVALANCHE. †


Above: Lecture by Squadron PHT to air crews in the ready room© IWM (A 21643

Above: Fighter Direction personnel closed-up© IWM (A 21661)

Above: Seafire pilots of 834 Squadron with the Fighter Director Officer © IWM (A 21613)

Above: The Air Staff officer briefing observers in the air plot room before they set out on an anti-submarine patrol © IWM (A 21602)

Above: Two pilots of 834 Squadron standing by the nose of a Supermarine Seafire on the flight deck of HMS BATTLER . The barrels and part of the breech of one of the twin 40 mm Bofors guns can be seen in the background. © IWM (A 21600)

Above: Damaged Seafires on the deck of BATTLER after the AVALANCHE operations.



Meteorological Officer taking a sight with a pilot balloon and theodolite © IWM (A 21601)



Above & below: MTB 307 acting as a plane guard/rescue boat for carriers of Task Group 88 in the Aegean © IWM (FL 8591).

 A rescued pilot is transferred back on board BATTLER from MTB 307 via a rope ladder at Bizerta.†



Photographs marked † are courtesy of John Worthington, who served on BATTLER as an Able Seaman Gunner AA3. He served aboard her  1943 - 1945.


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