HMS BEGUM at Trincomalee, Ceylon


February 23rd 1944, Captain J E Broome, DSC, RN, Commanding Officer, on board HMS BEGUM at Greenock © IWM (A 21926)




The East Indies Fleet, operations with 21 ACS: June 1944 - January 1945


Avenger  ('4D') of 832 squadron takes off from HMS BEGUM


Above & below: Avenger JZ231 ('4Q') of 832 squadron flown by Sub Lt JE Randall hits no.1 barrier landing on HMS BEGUM on June 1st 1944.


Avenger  ('4P') of 832 squadron suffered a broken tail wheel after a heavy landing.


Having just safely landed on this Avenger has hydraulically folded its wings and is paring to taxi forward to the aircraft parking area so that the barriers can be raised to allow the second aircraft in the circuit can land on.


One of 632 squadron's four Wildcat fighters bounces on landing and probably suffered damage to its propeller from 'pecking' the deck.


Another Wildcat successfully catches the arrestor wire .



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