HMS CHASER working up with Avengers of 845 squadron in Chesapeake Bay. c. June 1943


Working up in Chesapeake Bay with 845 Squadron


Avenger prepares for an unassisted take-off. c. June 1943


Will he or won't he? An avenger dips below the level of the flight deck after making an unassisted take-off as it struggles to gain airspeed and lift. c. June 1943


Starboard broadside view of HMS CHASER during her trials with Avengers 845 Naval Air Squadron on passage to the UK c. June 1943. From Royal Navy Research Archive collection.


HMS Chaser anchored at Greenock, 4 July 1943 on her arrival in the UK. Image © IWM (A 17860)



Working up in the Irish Sea


Sea Hurricane Mk. Ilc of 835 Squadron takes off in the Irish Sea c. November 1943.


Above & below: Swordfish LS272 of 835 Squadron after suffering a port undercarriage collapse on landing c. Dec 1943.


AM(E) Cyril Moss sat in the front cockpit of a Swordfish c. Dec 1943.



HMS CHASER at anchor on the Clyde c. Dec 1943




The tail-gunners view from a Fairey Swordfish moments after take-off as the ship steams through North Atlantic.


The end of one of the two u-boats destroyed by aircraft of 816 squadron, the wash of the submarine has been caused by her last vain manoeuvres. © IWM (A 22729)



March 1944, a group of pilots, observers and air gunners, all Fairey Swordfish crews of 816 squadron, who took part in the battle against the U-boats during the attack on convoy RA.57. © IWM (A 22352)


816 squadron Wildcat pilots, March 1944 - Left to right: Sub Lt. (A) K J Dowell, RNVR; Sub Lt. (A) S A Beeston, RNVR; Sub Lt. (A) L A S Swift, RNVR; Sub Lt. G C Debney, RNVR; Lt. (A) G B G Sangster, RNVR; Sub Lt. (A) N M Simon, RNVR; Sub Lt. (A) W S Vittle, RNVR; Lt. (A) F B Bethell. RNZNVR. Image © IWM (A 22353)



Crew photos


July 4th 1943, Captain H V P McClintock, RN, and Commander R H Torbock, RN, on the flight deck at Greenock. © IWM (A 17857)


835 Squadron Junior rates mess



Unknown Junior rates mess 2 ♣


Junior rates entertain their Russian sailors while at Murmansk  c.end Feb 1944


Petty Officers entertaining Russian seamen while at Murmansk.


Above and next 4 images: On the flight deck, dressed for the Arctic while at Murmansk.



Special ingredients - the ships cooks cooking up something special 



CHASER in the Far East & Pacific


The tail-gunners view from a Fairey Swordfish moments after take-off as the ship steams through North Atlantic. From Royal Navy Research Archive collection.


CHASER at Sydney wearing her new BPF pennant number for duty as a replenishment carrier. Photo courtesy Mr. Paul Silverstone


CHASER wearing the pennant number A727 - worn when acting as a ferry carrier with the Fleet Train in the Pacific.




Photographs marked  ♣ are courtesy of Steve Moss, his father was Cyril Moss who served aboard CHASER as a Naval Air Mechanic (Engines).


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