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Three views of HMS KHEDIVE


KHEDIVE underway at Greenock C. March 1944 Above: © IWM (A 22596) Below: © IWM (FL 14356)



KHEDIVE 27 March 1944, Greenock © IWM (A 22597)



Captain H. J. Haynes, DSO, DSC, RN, commanding officer KHEDIVE on the bridge, March 27th 1944, at Greenock © IWM (A 22598)



Work up and operations with 899 Naval Air Squadron


The first Seafire lands on, presumably this aircraft is from 899 squadron and the date is circa April 1st 1944.


MAY 21st 1944, Seafires of 899 being ranged on the flight deck of the KHEDIVE Photo © IWM (A 23913)


Above and below:  A Seafire enters the barrier after failing to catch a wire.



Armourers bombing up a Seafire III with a 500lb bomb during operation DRAGOON. Photo © IWM (A 25492)


A  Seafires of 899 taking off from KHEDIVE armed with a single 500lb bomb on the underfuselage centreline carrier during operation DRAGOON. Photo © IWM (A 25493)



Ship's company and squadron personnel


August 1844: Three ex-policemen who have been together since they joined the royal navy, they are all are pilots of 899 squadron, and are nicknamed the Bow Street Flyers. Left to right: Lieut (A) W. Long, RNVR; Lieut (A) D. C. Coates, RNVR, (formerly attached to Bow Street Police Station), and Lieut (A) H. H. Salisbury, RNVR, (also formerly of Bow Street Station). © IWM (A 25491)


April 1945: Eleven men from Glasgow serving in the KHEDIVE. Left to right: back row: AM (E) N. M. Trotter; Air Fitter Pat Gill. Second row: Stoker J. Reilly; Steward Leo McArthur; AM (E) Kenneth Macleod; LAM Andrew Taylor; NA Joseph Clarke. Front row: AM (E) C Poole; AM (A) McGunnigle; NA G Cross; AM(A) W. Middleton. Photo © IWM (A 28750)

April 1945: Six men from Birmingham serving in the KHEDIVE. Left to right: AM (A) George Jones; LAM (E) Roberts Nechells; Chief Petty Officer Pilot Samuel Mason; NA W G Hooper; LAM Harold Millinson,. Kneeling in front is AM (A Harold Booty. © IWM (A 28753)


April 1945: Eight men from Glasgow serving in the KHEDIVE. Left to right: W McCarthy; D Breckenridge; A Hunter; R Walker; J McGettigan. Front row: E Lyons; W McIntosh; A Crook.© IWM (A 28749).


April 1945: Five men from Wolverhampton serving in the KHEDIVE. Left to right: AM (A) Kenneth Evans; AM (E) R H Wilson; AM (L) Wednesbury; AM (A) John Round; LAF Ronald Lane. © IWM (A 28752)

RIL 1945: Ten men from Southampton serving in the KHEDIVE. Left to right: back row: Leading Seaman A. Trew; Petty Officer (Cook) W. Fletcher; Leading Stoker J. Jones; Steward S. New; Leading Seaman A. W. Mason; AM W. E. Quinton. Front row: Leading Stoker C. Webb; Leading Stoker G. White; Leading Stoker W. Dixon; W Stanfield. © IWM (A 28748)


APRIL 1945: Seven men from the Manchester area serving in the KHEDIVE. Left to right: back row: NA Charlie Reeves; AM (A) Harold Cunliffe; Stoker Eric Heywood; Petty Officer Laurence Riley; Stoker T Healey; AM (A) Fred Wilde; NA Wm Baillie, Hulme. © IWM (A 28754)


April 1945: Three Petty Officers aboard KHEDIVE who all live within one mile radius of each other near Wolverhampton. Left to right - Petty Officer Slim, Darlaston; Petty Officer Povey; Petty Officer Mincher. © IWM (A 28747)

April 1945: Five Aberdonians serving on board HMS KHEDIVE. Left to right - back row: AB Steward; AB C Laing, Foggieley; Petty Officer R Jaffray. Front row: AB T Buchen; AB T. D. Stewar. © IWM (A 28744)


April 1945: Four Yorkshiremen serving on the KHEDIVE. Left to right - back row: C. J. Wright; Eric Greenwood; William Hodgetts. In front is Frederick Wiley. © IWM (A 28746)


April 1945: Six Coventry men serving in the KHEDIVE. Left to right - in front: AM Fred E Parr; William James (Radar); Fred Evans (Radar); AB A. J. Dixon; AB Wm Kirkman. At the back is AM (A) Thompson. © IWM (A 28745)


Joining the East Indies Fleet


January1945: KHEDIVE entering Grand Harbour, Malta, while on her outward voyage to join the East Indies Fleet. On her flight deck she is carrying at least 9 Martinet target Tugs (aft), several Seafires and Corsairs. Crated equipment and stores are also prestart of the forward lift. The Hellcats of 808 squadron are stowed in her hangar.


April 1945 at Colombo: ‘Flying Flossie’ – a test dead weight, is launched during a catapult test. Photo © IWM (A 28699)


 April 1945 at Colombo: ‘Flying Flossie’ is launched during a catapult test in Colombo harbour. © IWM (A 28700)


 April 1945 at Colombo: Heave-O, ‘Flying Flossie’ is hauled back aboard, rescued from a watery grave after a catapult test in Colombo harbour. © © IWM (A 28701)


Late April 1945: Liberty men from the KHEDIVE going ashore in landing craft for a spell of leave in Colombo.© IWM (A 29077)


Unless stated otherwise all photos are courtesy of David Collinge whose father Geoffrey Collinge served on Atheling as an air radio mechanic.



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