A flight of Wildcats fly over PURSUER in formation. C. early 1944


April 1944, Operation TUNGSTEN - above PURSUER with FURIOUS in the background . Below  Fighter pilots of 896 squadron in PURSUER’s briefing room check over the details of their next operation with their CO Lt Cdr L A Hordern © IWM (A 23053)


Entering harbour? Place and date not known


Operation NEPTUNE, the invasion of Normandy: June 1944


June 1944 - a wildcat is prepared for launch during anti-submarine sweeps off the Western approaches in support of the D-Day landings in Normandy. For this operation all allied aircraft are sporting 'invasion stripes' to identify them as friendly forces.


Operation DRAGOON, the invasion of Southern France: August 1944


Above: PURSUER at anchor at Maddalena, Sardinia between operations. Photo Royal Navy research archive collection

Below: PURSUER leads the CVEs EMPEROR, KHEDIVE and either ATTACKER or SEARCHER bringing up the rear of the coast of Southern France.


Wildcats of 881 squadron coming up from the hangar and being ranged on deck/


Above & below: Arming up - Armourers loading a 250 lb bomb onto one of 881 squadron's Wildcat in preparation for a sortie over Southern France.





Operation with the East Indies Fleet: July - December 1945


HMS PURSUER c. 1945 sporting her new paint scheme for service in the Far East.


Above and the next 5 images: Hellcats of 898 squadron operating from PURSUER in the Indian Ocean C. August 1945



Trincomalee harbour, V-J Day, August 15th 1945


Above: 898 Squadron ashore at RNAS Puttalam August 1945 - Lt. L. Barber 2nd row back 5th from left [in sunglasses, Lt. D.R.L. Brown is 4th from left, Lt. Rayner is sat astride the propeller boss and Lt. Cdr Kearsley is standing below him with hands on hips. Photo: courtesy Richard Barber

A group of shipmates pose on the flight deck, somewhere in the Mediterranean C. August 1944


Unless stated otherwise all photos are courtesy of David Dixon, his father served on Pursuer.


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