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The East Indies Fleet


HMS SMITER Ship's Company - Far East 1945

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Petty Officer's Sports Team with Capt. Richardson, Indian Ocean, 1945. Terry Oxley is 3rd from left, middle row.

Don Howard is sitting on the far right. This photo shows the ship’s unofficial badge, no official design was approved until 1947.


Electrical Team - Hong Kong September 1945 (an RAF spitfire is behind them)
Standing (l to r): Lt. Preston, Pety Officers Bill Barford, Gilbert Husk, Fred Foster, Don
Howard, Sub-Lt. Howatt, Kneeling (l to r): Pety Officers Terry Oxley, HarryWhite, ?, Eddy Neal



'Crossing the Line'


Captain Richardson looks on  as  King Neptune and his royal bride about to receive the initiates.


An initiate gets the 'treatments' before his ducking.



HONG KONG and repatriating internees and PoWs


A ship's celebration on the flight deck, possibly for V-J day. The pianist is Don Howard.


A Spitfire Mk.XIV of 132 Squadron is raised from the hangar deck to the flight deck of HMS SMITER during the voyage to Hong Kong. On arrival, 132 Squadron would be responsible for the colony's air defence.. © IWM (CI 1630)


Above & below: Members of 132 Squadron and the crew of HMS SMITER watch a bout in a boxing competition between RAF personnel and ship's crew during the voyage to Hong Kong. IWM (CI 1636) & © IWM (CI 1631)


The Spitfire Mk XIVs 132 Squadron on board SMITER as she enters Hong Kong harbour. © IWM (CI 1637)


 Spitfire Mk.XIVs of No 132 (City of Bombay) Squadron RAF aboard SMITER in Hong Kong Harbour, September 1945. There is also a single Stinson Reliant communications aircraft (nearest camera).


Former internees and PoWs are entertained with a dance on the flight deck aboard SMITER shortly after leaving Hong Kong Harbour in late September 1945, on passage to Ceylon.


Church parade on the flight-deck during a voyage transporting army personnel from Java to Ceylon late 1945. The pianist is Don Howard.




All photographs on this page are from the album of Terry Oxley

Additional information from Sam Howard whose Grandfather is in a number of these images.

Special thanks to Fabio Peña, manager of the Navsource Aircraft Carriers & Escort Carriers Archive for his assistances



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