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First Ferry Load:  Norfolk, Virginia to Cape Town


HMS THANE in Chesapeake Bay  carrying a ferry load of lead-lease \Hellcats from Norfolk, Virginia bound for Cape Town.



Crossing the line ceremony -those who have  not crossed the equator before must pay homage to King Neptune and suffer  unusual punishments at the hands of the Barber, the Surgeon, and the bears. The initiate is finally dunked in the foul concoction that fills the pool where the bears eagerly await their arrival. Notice that this ceremony was conducted in the confined spaces under the flight deck, which was completely covered with Hellcat aircaft.  [Photos: Paul Bass}



Captain and Officers HMS Thane, Cape Town, 3rd September 1944.

BACK ROW: S/Lt's Bushell, Arthur, Shipley, Thomson, Smith, Lt Bradford, S/Lt's O'Connell, McNally, Davies, McCartney, Lt's Couzens, Sharp, Lt's Osler, Osborne, S/Lt Thomas

FRONT ROW: Lt Kenna, Lt Cdr's Hoare, Foxan, Goateley, Cdr Allan, Captain Baker, Major Patch, Lt. Cdr Mitchell, Wiseman, Lt's Breden, S/Lt McKelvey, Lt Brown.


Chief Petty Officers of HMS Thane with the First Lieutenant, Cape Town, 3rd September 1944
BACK ROW: C.P.O.s Baldwin, Lord, Howells, Vansuckle, Caeeoll

MIDDLE ROW: C.P.O.s Gilchrist, Bradley, More, Bentall, Dubois, Navim, Findlay
FRONT ROW:  C.P.O.s Thompson, Hodgson, Commander Allan, C.P.O.s Morris, Spencer


Unidentified department staff, Cape Town, 3rd September 1944

Unidentified department staff, Cape Town, 3rd September 1944

Shipwright department staff, Cape Town, 3rd September 1944

Petty Officer Harry Sheppard is seated far left – wearing Brown brogues., Chief Petty Officer Shipwright Thompson is seated second form the left.


Above and next 4 images: Groups of crew members from the communications staff. [Photos: from the collection of CPO Radar Jack Browne].






Ship's Dance on the hanger deck, possibly held at Cape Town. [Photo: Paul Bass}


A giant 'Uckers' board laid out on the flight deck (naval version of Ludo) and other recreational pursuits on THANE on her return journey to Norfolk from Cape Town.




Above and below: The ship's company Divisions held on the flight deck. Date and location unknown.  [Photos: Paul Bass}


 Ferry Load:  UK to Adabiya, Egypt


 Thane  transiting the Suez Canal on her way to the military port of Adabiya in the Gulf of Suez. [Photo: Ray Keena]



Thane unloads her cargo of aircraft onto the quayside at the military harbour at Adabiya on the Gulf of Suez


Dinner held on board Thane for Lieutenant Colonel  Cowley-Way R,M, at Suez. November 21st 1944


Thane on her return voyage to the UK from Adabiya. passes the KLM airline offices, Port Said  before sailing for Malta. [Photos: Mrs Maureen Ross]



First Ferry Load:  Norfolk, Virginia to Belfast


The members of 1851 Naval Air Squadron pictured at at USNAS Brunswick where it had formed and worked up.

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Celebration dinner upon Thane's safely  reaching Belfast on her final ferry run.  Officers of 1851 squadron bidding farewell to Thane in the wardroom January 14th 1945.


Torpedo damage




HMS THANE while at No. 1 Casualty Buoy on the Clyde, January 17, 1945 after being struck by a torpedo [Photos: Mrs Maureen Ross]


Above: Her starboard 4.5 inch gun sponson has been blown clean off the hull and a gaping hole extends below the water line. Below: Shrapnel and blast damage has peeled back sections of the flight deck walkway



Captain Baker and senior naval officers inspect the ship. Several of the cargo of Hoverfly helicopters remain on board.


THANE docked in a floating dry dock on the Clyde, the torpedo damage is clearly visible.



The awesome scale of the damage caused by the torpedo blast can be fully seen in these two photographs.



HMS THANE never returned to active service, she was laid up until after the war when she was broken for scrap. This photo shows her with her radar and armament removed prior to her disposal.




The majority of the photographs on this page are from the collection of
the late Pay-Lieutenant Eric H. Grieve-Brown RNR, kindly supplied by Mrs Maureen Ross
with additional photos from Mr. Ray Kenna, and Mr. Paul Bass



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