On May 24th 1939 administrative control of the Fleet Air Arm was transferred to the Board of Admiralty from the Royal Air Force.  Four airfields in the UK were transferred to the Fleet Air Arm, these were the stations at Donibristle, Lee-on-Solent, Ford, and Worthy Down, but they still relied entirely on lodger facilities at RAF stations when operating overseas. During the early days of the war the navy took steps to obtain its own airfields both in the UK and near to strategic bases abroad; some were to be purpose built and others taken over from the RAF.


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This index covers all Fleet Air Arm  Lodger units at RAF bases,  listed alphabetically by location.

See the master index for a full list of all Fleet Air Arm establishments.

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Name Ship name Type Location
Ballyhalbert - Lodger facility (R.A.F.) County Down, N. Ireland
Ballykelly On Books of 'Sea Eagle' Lodger facility (R.A.F.) County Londonderry, N. Ireland
Benbecula   Lodger facility (R.A.F.) Outer Hebrides, Scotland
Benson   Lodger facility (R.A.F.) Oxfordshire, England
Bircham Newton   Lodger facility (R.A.F.) Norfolk, England
Bratton On Books of 'Godwit' Lodger facility (R.A.F.) Shropshire, England
Drem On Books of ? Lodger facility (R.A.F.) East Lothian, Scotland
Ford On Books of 'Daedalus' Lodger facility  (R.A.F.) Sussex, England
Heathrow On Books of 'Daedalus' Lodger facility Surrey, England
Hyères La Playvestre  - Lodger facility (French Navy) Toulon, Southern France
Iwakuni On books of 'Commonwealth' Lodger facility (B.C.A.S./R.A.A.F./U.S.A.F.) Iwakuni, Japan
Kai Tak  - Lodger facility (R.A.F.) post 1947 Hong Kong
Khormaksar On Books of 'Sheba' Lodger facility (R.A.F.) Aden
Limavady  - Lodger facility (R.A.F.) County Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Pembroke Dock   Lodger facility (R.A.F.) Pembrokeshire, Wales
Pityilu On Books of 'Nabaron' Lodger facility (U.S.N.) Admiralty Islands
Ratmalana On Books of 'Bherunda' Lodger facility (R.A.F.) Ceylon
Roosevelt Field On Books of 'Saker' Lodger facility (U.S.N.A.F.) Long Island, New York, USA
Skeabrae On Books of 'Sparrowhawk' / H.M.S. Tern II Lodger facility (R.A.F.)/R.N.A.S. Orkney
Stornoway  On books of 'Mentor' Lodger facility (R.A.F.) Isle of Lewis
Sullom Voe On Books of 'Sparrowhawk' Lodger facility (R.A.F.) Shetland Isles
Ulunderpet  - Lodger facility (R.A.F.) S.India