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MONAB VI began its assembly period at R.N.A.S. MIDDLE WALLOP on March 1st 1945, the unit having six weeks to complete its assembly and be ready for despatch overseas.


MONAB VI was allocated the following maintenance components to provide support facilities fort he following aircraft types:

  • M.M. 5 Avenger I & II, Corsair II & IV, Hellcat I & II, Seafire III & L.III
  • M.S. 9 Avenger I & II
  • M.S. 10 Vengeance TT.IV
  • M.R. 2 Avenger I & II, Expeditor, Martinet TT.I, Sea Otter I

As with the five units before it, MONAB VI was to find that this was insufficient time to successfully form up and be at operational readiness. In 4½ months of operations the M.N.A.O. had learned few lessons; most of the problems that were encountered by the units assembling at Ludham persisted.


The, now usual, motor transport problem as a whole was not made any easier by the fact that a great deal of it was delivered late. The stores problem was made still more difficult by the fact that no establishment for stores was available until three weeks or a month after the date given for forming, and when received it was found to be out-of-date; it had never been amended in the light of experience. Instructions were eventually received, verbally, to disregard it and to work on the Ship's own copies of S.134d raised at Admiralty. Instructions for marking packing cases were found to be very complicated and were being frequently altered.


The six week forming up period was spent, in giving drafting leave to Officers and ratings who were supposed to have had it before they joined, drafting and applying for relief's who were too old or unfit for foreign service, teaching unqualified drivers, and a good many so-called qualified drivers, to handle motor transport, and in sorting and marking stores.


MONAB VI commissioned as an independent command bearing the ships name HMS NABSTOCK, on April 1st 1945, Captain. H.V.P. McClintock D.S.O. in command. The units stores and equipment was transported to Liverpool on the 20th April for embarkation. MONAB VI and M.R. 2 personnel travelled to Greenock, on the Clyde to embark in their transport, sailing for Sydney onboard the S.S. NIEUW AMSTERDAM on 22nd April. Stores and equipment for MONAB VI and M.R. 2 were loaded onto three separate ships, S.S. TROJAN, S.S. EMPIRE SPLENDOUR, and S.S. EMPIRE CAPTAIN, sailing from Sandown dock on May 1st.



The unit's personnel arrived in Sydney on the 23rd May while the  stores and motor transport, being shipped by slower vessels, did not arrive until some weeks later.  It was felt that this separation from the equipment and stores would have made the unit incapable of living or operating had it been required to go straight to a forward area. The stores and equipment docked at Sydney on June 14th.


Tented accommodation at Warwick race course. Photo: From author's collection.


The personnel disembarked to Warwick Farm Race Course, part of HMS GOLDEN HIND, to await the allocation of an operating base; on May 19th Captain McClintock, in company with Cdr Wilson. Cdr Coote, Cdr Kennet and Lt. Cdr. Lavers, had visited RAAF Maryborough, in Queensland,  to assess the station as a potential host air station for MONAB VI to lodge with. The senior officers having travelled to Australia by air, arriving in advance of the ship borne elements. The decision was taken to accept Maryborough as a suitable location for MONAB VI, in lieu of another station becoming available.


The advance party of HMS NABSTOCK arrived at RAAF Maryborough on the 24th of May. A second party comprising of 2 Officers, 6 Petty Officers and 3o ratings arrived  on the 28th. One of the main functions of the MONAB was to hold a stock of reserve aircraft, mainly Corsair and Avengers, for squadron replacements. The first R.N. aircraft, a corsair, arrived at Maryborough, along with six vehicles of the units MT section on the 29th.


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Function :
Support for disembarked front line & spare squadrons, Refresher training.


MONAB Components :
Mobile Maintenance 5, Maintenance Servicing 9 & 10, Mobile Repair 2.


Commissioned :
01 April 1945 (at Middle Wallop)
01 June 1945(at Maryborough)
15 November 1945 (at Schofields)


Paid Off :
14 November 1945 (at Maryborough)
09 June 1946 (at Schofields)




  • Captain H.V.P. McClintock D.S.O. 01 April 1945 to 09 June 1946



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