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Personnel for Transportable Aircraft Maintenance Yard No. 1 (TAMY 1) began to arrive at RNAS Ludham from December 4th 1944; the unit began to assemble later in that month. At this time RNAS Ludham was pretty crowded, the personnel of MONAB III and the HQ personnel of MONAB II were due to depart on the 22nd, MONAB IV had begun assembly on November 15th and MONAB V was due to begin assembling on December 6th; it became clear that there would not be adequate room to house the considerably larger elements of a Transportable Aircraft Maintenance Yard. A decision was made to split the formation, in the same manner as had been done with MONAB II; the HQ component was to form at Ludham and the technical components at HMS GOSLING in Lancashire.


Whilst at H.M.S. GOSLING the principal activities of TAMY I personnel were those of kitting up with battledress and tropical clothing, and the mustering and making good of personal tool kits. Embarkation leave was given to all hands, both at Ludham and Gosling, during the formation period; this leave had to be balanced against the requirement for personnel from TAMY I to assist the Mobile Naval Airfield Organisation Headquarters with Station, Pay, Victualling, and Galley duties.


Being a self contained Aircraft Maintenance Yard TAMY I did not comprise of the modular components of MONABs, but several were added later after its installation at its base of operations in response to changing requirements in theatre. TAMY I was commissioned as an independent command bearing the ships name H.M.S. NABSFORD, on February 1st 1945, Commander B.J.L. ROGERS-TILLSTONE in command.


The personnel & equipment of both TAMY I & MONAB V departed by road and rail for Gladstone docks, Liverpool, on February 16th for passage to Australia. TAMY I was destined for Archerfield, Brisbane, Queensland, a joint civil/RAAF airfield. The main party of TAMY I, (a total of 23 officers & 1,191 ratings), sailed for Australia on board the S.S. STIRLING CASTLE on February 18th, in company with personnel of MONAB V. A second, retard party, comprising of 8 Officers and 91 ratings sailed on March 10th on the S.S. EMPRESS of SCOTLAND, in company with the personnel of M.R. 1 (a component bound to join MONAB V at Jervis Bay, New South Wales). The first echelon of stores and equipment sailed from Liverpool on board the S.S. EMPIRE WAIMANA on February 20th, with the second echelon sailing from Liverpool on board S.S. HORORATA on March 1st.



An advance party of TAMY I comprising of 4 officers and 28 technical ratings had been sent out from UK on earlier transport, arriving in Brisbane at the beginning of February 1945. This party, together with 80 hands loaned from HMS GOLDEN HIND, the RN Barracks in Sydney and supplemented by the addition of No.1 S.M.P. (Special Maintenance party?) were accommodated at Rocklea Camp in Brisbane, this camp was to be the main accommodation site for TAMY I.

Known as the 'Corsair technical party' this advance party was under the control of H.M.S. FURNEAUX, the local naval base, and was tasked with erecting 16 Corsair IV aircraft at Kerry Road, Archerfield; 12 of the aircraft were almost completed by the time the main body of TAMY I arrived on March 27th. This was an extremely slow rate of progress; however the work was started without any equipment or stores, all of which had to be acquired or borrowed from the Department Of Aircraft Production, the Royal Australian Air Force and other local sources. Work was farther hampered in early March when many of the ratings had to be taken off aircraft erection duties in order to prepare Rocklea Camp, in advance of the main party's arrival at the end of the month.

Sick bay and other admin buildings at at the former Seabee facility, Rocklea camp. Photo: From the collection of L.J. Jay editor, Nabsford News magazine.


TAMY I inherited facilities formerly used by US forces in the Brisbane area, the US presence having been withdrawn after the liberation of the Philippines; the principle facilities left by the Americans were those at Kerry Road and Rocklea Camp. The men of the advance party enjoyed relative luxury in their accommodations at the beginning, the huts at Rocklea Camp having single beds and fitted wardrobes. These were soon to go; a programme of alteration was to carried out to convert hundreds of fitted wardrobes to enable two-tier beds to be installed. Other tasks which were attempted by this small party were the transporting and rigging of extra beds, bedding and other furniture, rigging up of offices, and the general cleaning of all quarters and provisioning ships stores.


The S.S. STIRLING CASTLE arrived at Brisbane, on March 27th, after unloading the first echelon of TAMY I personnel, the ship then continued on to Sydney to off load MONAB V. TAMY I was transported to Archerfield airport, on the outskirts of Brisbane, the same day where it was commissioned as HMS NABSFORD, Royal Naval Aircraft Maintenance Yard Archerfield. Rocklea Camp was the administration and accommodation base of TAMY 1, aircraft operations were conducted at Archerfield airport and Kerry Road.


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R.N.A.M.Y Archerfield





Function :
Aircraft Maintenance Yard.


MONAB Components :
Self-contained 'Air Yard', with Mobile Repair 3 and Maintenance, Storage & Resave Units 7 & 8 added in Australia.


Commissioned :
01 February 1945 (at RNAS Ludham)
27 March 1945 (at Archerfield)


Paid Off :
31 March 1946 (at Archerfield)



  • Commander B. J. L. ROGERS-TILLSTONE
    01 February 1945 to 31 March 1946 [Promoted Captain 01 July 1945]



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