The MONAB Story

A history of the mobile airfields of the Royal Navy

Mobile Naval Air Base No. I gallery

Images from the private collections ofSub-Lt. (P), P. Hyde, Petty Officer Radio Mechanic G. Theaker, Petty Officer Air Fitter (Airframes) L. Butt, Leading Air Fitter (Engines) G. Williams, Aircraft Artificer 4th Class (Ordnance) M. Ayling, Air Mechanic (Electrical) G. Blanchard, Slipstream magazine. Images marked © IWM are reproduced under the terms of the IWM Non-Commercial Licence.

Most of these images are sized to fit the screen, however where possible those containing groups of personnel will open large enough to see individuals. Many, but not all, of these images are available in larger, high-res versions and copies can be supplied upon receipt of a photo request.  If you have pictures or other memorabilia that you can contribute to this project please contact the Webmaster using the Offer of assistance form.

 The Royal Navy Research Archive is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 3.0 Unported License See our terms of use for conditions regarding using these images in other works.





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Topic: HMS Nabbington Gallery
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Rowan Birch
Jul 2015
First Poster
Rowan Birch (Richmond) says...

Re 723 squadron image - my father is in this photo. He identified Observer "Peanut" Huckle, first left. Pilot Ivan Sweeney, second from left, c/o H.A.P. Bullivant 3rd left, Pilot Les Derby 6th from left, Pilot Charles Birch 4th from right.

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