The MONAB Story

A history of the mobile airfields of the Royal Navy


From early in its time at Archerfield, Brisbane, H.M.S. NABSFORD had a Ship’s newsletter which was posted on bulletin boards around the various sites that made up the ‘Air Yard’. This was superseded in November 1945 by a new Ship’s Magazine; created by Schoolmaster L.J. Jay and a small team of volunteer staff. The first eighteen-page issue was produced in a typed format and 300 copies were made available for the price of 1 penny. The subsequent, 7 fortnightly editions were commercially printed in Brisbane and had far more polish about them. The eighth and final edition was in the form of a souvenir programme looking at the unit’s time in Australia.

Many of the articles and ditties that appeared in the pages were the work of the editor himself, and it is his personal copies of the ‘Nabsford News’ that are available from the links below. In addition, he kept a number of the original photographs collected for the magazine, some of which appear in the final edition, these now help to illustrate the narrative account of H.M.S. NABSFORD and its gallery on this site. Thanks to his son Paul Jay for scanning and donating these rare materials for inclusion in this site

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Issue 1
November 8th 1945
Issue 2
November22nd 1945
Issue 3
December 6th 1945
Issue 4 December 20th 1945
Issue 5
January 3rd 1946
Issue 6

January 17th 1946

** Missing **

Issue 7

January 31st 1946

Issue 8 February 12th 1946


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