On May 24th 1939 administrative control of the Fleet Air Arm was transferred to the Board of Admiralty from the Royal Air Force.  Four airfields in the UK were transferred to the Fleet Air Arm, these were the stations at Donibristle, Lee-on-Solent, Ford, and Worthy Down, but they still relied entirely on lodger facilities at RAF stations when operating overseas. During the early days of the war the navy took steps to obtain its own airfields both in the UK and near to strategic bases abroad; some were to be purpose built and others taken over from the RAF.


Key to abbreviations:

B.C.A.S. - British Commonwealth Air Station

M.O.N.A.B. - Mobile Naval Air Base

R.A.F. - Royal Air Force

R.A.A.F. - Royal Australian Air Force

R.C.A.F. - Royal Canadian Air Force

R.N.A.S. - Royal Naval Air Station

R.N.A.Y. - Royal Naval Air Yard

R.N.A.M.Y. - Royal Naval Aircraft Maintenance Yard

R.N.A.R.Y. - Royal Naval Aircraft Repair Yard

R.N.A.D.C. - Royal Naval Aircraft Direction Centre

R.N.A.E. - Royal Naval Air Establishment

R.N.A.T.E. - Royal Naval Aircraft Training Establishment

R.N.T.E. - Royal Naval Training Establishment

S.A.A.F. - South African Air Force

T.A.M.Y. - Transportable Aircraft Maintenance Yard

U.S.A.F. - United States Air Force

U.S.N.A.S. - United States Naval Air Station

U.S.N.A.F. - United States Naval Air Facility



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14 October 2022


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R.N.A.S. / Lodger facility Stornoway

RNAS Worthy Down

R.N. Camp Meeandah

RAF Station Khormaksar

R.N.A.T.E. Fulham

R.N. Air Section  Pembroke Dock

R.N.A.C.T.E. Maharagama

RNAS Lossiemouth

RNAS Gosport

RNAS Schofields

RNAS Nowra

RNAS Maryborough

RNAS Jervis Bay

R.N.A.S. Henstridge

R.N.A.S./R.N.A.R.Y. Sembawang


Recently modified:

USNAS Quonset Point

R.N.A.S. Takali

R.N.A.S. Schofields

RNAS/RN Air Sect Kai Tak


R.N.A.M.Y. Archerfield

R.N.A.S. Bankstown

R.N.. Air Section Cochin


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This index covers all Fleet Air Arm establishments, both at home and overseas. I t includes Air Stations, Air Sections, Air Maintenance & Repair Yards, Lodger units at RAF bases, and training establishments. Bases are listed alphabetically by location. There are currently 188 locations listed.

Active links open pages that contain basic information and pages under construction - Bold links open pages that are complete with unit history. Green links go to pages on other parts of the RN Research Archive.

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Hiswa On Books of 'Sheba' / H.M.S. Rapax R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.)/R.N.A.S. Aden
Khormaksar On Books of 'Sheba' Lodger facility (R.A.F.) Aden

Admiralty Islands

Pityilu On Books of 'Nabaron' R.N.F.A.P. No.1 / Lodger facility (U.S.N.) Admiralty Islands
Ponam H.M.S. Nabaron R.N.A.S.
(M.O.N.A.B. No. IV)
Admiralty Islands


Tafaraoui On Books of 'Cororant II' R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Oran, Algeria.

Ascension Island

Wideawake Field - Facilities (U.S. Army) Ascension Island


Archerfield H.M.S. Nabsford & H.M.S. Nabreekie R.N.A.M.Y.
(T.A.M.Y. No.1) & (M.O.N.A.B. No. VII)
Brisbane, Queensland
Bankstown H.M.S. Nabberley R.N.A.S.
(M.O.N.A.B. No. II)
Sydney, New South Wales
Jervis Bay H.M.S. Nabswick R.N.A.S.
(M.O.N.A.B. No. V)
New South Wales. Australia
Maryborough H.M.S. Nabstock R.N.A.S.
(M.O.N.A.B. No. VI)
Queensland, Australia
Meeandah H.M.S. Nabreekie R.N. Camp Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Nowra H.M.S. Nabbington / H.M.S. Nabswick R.N.A.S.
(M.O.N.A.B. No. I)/(M.O.N.A.B. No. V)
New South Wales
Schofields H.M.S. Nabthorpe / H.M.S. Nabstock R.N.A.S.
(M.O.N.A.B. No. III)/(M.O.N.A.B. No. VI)
New South Wales


Bermuda On Books of 'Malabar' R.N.A.S. Bermuda


Argentia On Books of 'Avalon III' R.N. Air Section (US NAS) Newfoundland
Dartmouth H.M.S. Seaborn R.N. Air Section (R.C.A.F.) Halifax, Nova Scotia
Yarmouth On Books of 'Canada' R.N. Air Section (R.C.A.F.) Nova Scotia


China Bay On Books of 'Lanka' R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Ceylon
Clappenburg Bay H.M.S. Bambara R.N.A.M.Y.  Ceylon
Colombo Racecourse H.M.S. Berhunda R.N.A.S. Ceylon
Kantalai Construction suspended R.N.A.S. Ceylon
Katukurunda H.M.S. Ukussa R.N.A.S./R.N.A.M.Y. Ceylon
Maharagama H.M.S. Monara R.N.A.T.E. Ceylon
Minneryia  - R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Ceylon
Puttalam H.M.S. Rajaliya R.N.A.S. Ceylon
Ratmalana On Books of 'Bherunda' / H.M.S. Seruwa Lodger facility (R.A.F.)/R.N.A.Y./F.A.A. Transit Camp Ceylon
Sigriya  - R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Ceylon
Trincomalee H.M.S. Bambara R.N.A.S. Ceylon
Vavuniya  - R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Ceylon


Aboukir H.M.S. Nile II R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Abu Qir, Egypt
Dekheila H.M.S. Grebe R.N.A.S. Egypt
Fayid H.M.S. Phoenix R.N.A.R.Y. Egypt


Hyères Le Palyvestre  - Lodger facility (French Navy) Toulon, Southern France


North Front H.M.S. Cormorant II / On Books of 'Cormorant' R.N.A.S./R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Gibraltar

Gold Coast

Komenda H.M.S. Wara R.N.A.S. Gold Coast, W. Africa

Hong Kong

Kai Tak H.M.S. Nabcatcher  /H.M.S. Flycatcher R.N.A.S.
(M.O.N.A.B. No. VIII)
R.N. Air Section
Hong Kong


Hvittanes On books of 'Baldur II' R.N. Air Section Iceland
Kaldadarnes On books of 'Baldur II' R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Iceland


Cholavaram  - R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Madras, S. India
Cochin On Books of 'Garuda' / H.M.S. Kalugu R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) S. India
Coimbatore H.M.S. Garuda R.N.A.R.Y. S. India
Juhu ? Lodger facilities (R.A.F.) Bombay, India
St. Thomas' Mount  - R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Madras, S. India
Santa Cruz  - R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Bombay, India
Sulur H.M.S. Vairi R.N.A.S. Coimbatore, S. India
Tambaram H.M.S. Valluru R.N.A.S./R.N.A.M.Y. Madras, S. India
Vizagapatam - R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) S. india


Palisadoes H.M.S. Buzzard R.N.A.S. Jamaica


Iwakuni On books of 'Commonwealth' Lodger facility (B.C.A.S./R.A.A.F./U.S.A.F.) Iwakuni, Japan


Kilindini H.M.S. Kipanga R.N.A.S./.R.N.A.Y. Kenya
Mackinnon Road On Books of 'Kipanga II' / 'Tana' R.N.A.S. Kenya
Nairobi H.M.S. Korongo R.N.A.R.Y. Kenya
Port Reitz On Books of 'Kipanga' R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Kenya
Voi On Books of 'Kipanga II'/'Tana' R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Kenya


Andrakaka On Books of 'Ironclad' R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Diego Suarez, Madagascar

Maldive Islands

Addu Atoll On books of 'Haitian' / 'Maraga' R.N.A.S. Gan. Addu Atoll,


Hal Far H.M.S. Falcon R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.)/R.N.A.S. Malta
Kalafrana On books of 'Falcon' R.N.A.M.Y. Malta
Takali H.M.S. Goldfinch R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.)/R.N.A.S. Malta


Plaisance H.M.S. Sambur
Construction suspended
R.N.A.S. Mauritius

Sierra Leone

Hastings H.M.S. Spurwing R.N.A.S. Freetown, Sierra Leone


Sembawang H.M.S. Nabrock / H.M.S. Simbang R.N.A.S. / R.N.A.R.Y.(M.O.N.A.B. No. IX) Singapore

South Africa

Stamford Hill On books of 'Afrikander' / H.M.S. Kongoni R.N. Air Section (S.A.A.F.) Durban, S. Africa
Wingfield H.M.S. Malagas R.N.A.S./ R.N.A.R.Y. Cape Town, S. Africa
Wynberg On Books of 'Afrikander III' R.N. Air Section (S.A.A.F.) Wynberg, Cape Province, South Africa


Tanga H.M.S. Kilele R.N.A.S. Tanganyika


Piarco H.M.S. Goshawk R.N.A.S. Trinidad

United Kingdom

Abbotsinch H.M.S. Sanderling R.N.A.S. Renfrewshire, Scotland
Almondbank ? R.N. Aircraft Workshops Perth, Scotland
Angle H.M.S. Goldcrest R.N.A.S. Pembrokeshire, Wales
Anthorn H.M.S. Nuthatch R.N.A.S. Cumberland, England
Arbroath H.M.S. Condor R.N.A.S. Angus, Scotland
Ayr H.M.S. Wagtail R.N.A.S. Ayrshire, Scotland
Ballyhalbert H.M.S. Corncrake Lodger facility (R.A.F.)/R.N.A.S. County Down, N. Ireland
Ballykelly On Books of 'Sea Eagle' Lodger facility (R.A.F.) County Londonderry, N. Ireland
Banff On Books of 'Fulmar' R.N.A.S. Morayshire, Scotland
Beaulieu  ? R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Brockenhurst, Hampshire
Beccles H.M.S. Hornbill II R.N.A.S. Suffolk, England
Bedhampton Camp H.M.S. Daedalus III F.A.A. Transit Camp Hampshire, England
Belfast H.M.S. Gadwall  /H.M.S. Gannet III R.N.A.M.Y. County Antrim, N. Ireland
Benbecula  - Lodger facility (R.A.F.) Outer Hebrides, Scotland
Benson  - Lodger facility (R.A.F.) Oxfordshire, England
Bircham Newton  - Lodger facility (R.A.F.) Norfolk, England
Boscombe Down  ? R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Salisbury, Wiltshire
Bramcote H.M.S. Gamecock R.N.A.S. Warwickshire, England
Bratton On Books of 'Godwit' Lodger facility (R.A.F.) Shropshire, England
Brawdy H.M.S.  Goldcrest / H.M.S.  Goldcrest II R.N.A.S. Pembrokeshire, Wales
Bridgnorth  ? R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Bridgnorth, Shropshire
Bungay H.M.S. Europa II R.N.A.S. Suffolk, England
Burscough H.M.S. Ringtail R.N.A.S. Lancashire, England
Bush Barn On Books of 'Kestrel' R.N.A.S. Hampshire, England
Campeltown H.M.S. Landrail (II) R.N.A.S. Argyll, Scotland
Charlton Horethorne H.M.S. Heron II R.N.A.S. Somerset, England
Christchurch On Books of 'Raven' R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Dorset, England
Cluntoe On Books of 'Gannet' R.N.A.S. County Tyrone, N. Ireland
Coventry ? R.N. Aircraft Workshops Coventry, England
Cowdray Park On Books of 'Daedalus' R.N.A.S. Sussex, England
Crail H.M.S. Jackdaw R.N.A.S. Fife, Scotland
Cranfield  ? R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Cranfield, Bletchley, Buckinghanshire
Culcheth H.M.S. Arial R.N.A.T.E. Warrington, Lancashire, England
Culdrose H.M.S. Seahawk R.N.A.S. Helston, Cornwall, England
Culham H.M.S. Hornbill R.N.A.S. Oxfordshire, England
Dale H.M.S. Goldcrest R.N.A.S. Pembrokeshire, Wales
Defford On books of 'Daedalus' R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Worcestershire, England
Donibristle H.M.S. Merlin R.N.A.S. Fife, Scotland
Dounreay H.M.S. Tern III / On books of 'Fulmar' R.N.A.S. Caithness, Scotland
Drem H.M.S. Nighthawk R.N.A.S. East Lothian, Scotland
Dundee On Books of 'Condor' R.N.A.S. Angus, Scotland
Dunino H.M.S. Jackdaw II R.N.A.S. Fife, Scotland
Eastchurch  ? R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Rochester, Kent
East Haven H.M.S. Peewit R.N.A.S. Angus, Scotland
Eastleigh H.M.S. Raven R.N.A.S. Hampshire, England
Eglinton H.M.S. Gannet R.N.A.S. County Londonderry, N. Ireland
Evanton H.M.S. Fieldfare R.N.A.M.Y. Ross and Cromarty, Scotland
Fearn H.M.S. Owl R.N.A.S. Ross-shire, Scotland
Fleetlands  - R.N.A.Y. Gosport, Hampshire, England
Ford H.M.S. Peregrine' / On Books of 'Daedalus' Lodger facilities (R.A.F.)/R.N.A.S. Sussex, England
Forton Barracks H.M.S. St. Vincent R.N.A.T.E. Gosport, Hampshire. England.
Fulham On Books of 'Daedalus' / H.M.S. Turnstone R.N.A.T.E. Fulham. London
Gosport H.M.S. Siskin R.N.A.S. Hampshire, England
Grimsetter H.M.S. Robin R.N.A.S. Kirkwall, Orkney
Haldon H.M.S. Heron II / On Books of 'Heron' R.N.A.S. Devon, England
Halesworth H.M.S. Sparrowhawk R.N.A.S. Suffolk, England
Hatston H.M.S. Sparrowhawk / H.M.S. Tern II R.N.A.S. Kirkwall, Orkney
Heathrow On books of 'Daedalus' Lodger facilities Surrey, England
Henstridge H.M.S. Dipper R.N.A.S. Dorset, England
Hinstock On Books of 'Blackcap' / H.M.S. Godwit R.N.A.S. Shropshire, England
Hullavington  ? R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Chippenham, Wiltshire
Inskip H.M.S. Nightjar R.N.A.S. Lancashire, England
Jersey On books of 'Kestrel' R.N.A.S. St Peter, Jersey. Channel Islands.
Kete H.M.S. Harrier R.N.A.D.C. Pembrokeshire, Wales
Kirkistown H.M.S. Corncrake II R.N.A.S. County Down, N. Ireland
Lawrenny Ferry On Books of 'Daedalus' R.N.A.S. Pembrokeshire, Wales
Lee-on-Solent H.M.S. Daedalus / H.M.S. Ariel R.N.A.S. Hampshire, England
Limavady  On books of 'Gannet' R.N.A.S. County Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Linton-on-Ouse  ? R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) York, Yorkshire
Little Rissington  ? R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Llangennech ? R.N. Aircraft Workshops Carmarthen. Wales
Lossiemouth H.M.S. Fulmar R.N.A.S. Morayshire, Scotland
Ludham H.M.S. Flycatcher R.N.A.S. Norfolk, England
Lympne H.M.S. Buzzard / H.M.S. Daedalus II R.N.A.S./R.N.A.T.E. Kent, England
Machrihanish H.M.S. Landrail / Sanderling II R.N.A.S. Argyllshire, Scotland
MacMerry H.M.S. Nighthawk II R.N.A.S. East Lothian, Scotland
Manby  ? R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Louth, Lincolnshire
Maydown H.M.S. Shrike / H.M.S. Gannet II R.N.A.S. County Londonderry, N. Ireland
Merryfield On Books of 'Heron' R.N.A.S. Somerset. England
Middle Wallop H.M.S. Flycatcher R.N.A.S. Hampshire, England
Millmeece H.M.S. Fledgling R.N.A.T.E. Staffordshire, England
Milltown H.M.S. Fulmar II R.N.A.S. Morayshire, Scotland
Newcastle-Under-Lyme H.M.S. Daedalus II R.N.A.T.E. Staffordshire, England
Nutts Corner H.M.S. Pintail R.N.A.S. County Antrim, N. Ireland
Old Sarum  ? R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Salisbury. Wiltshire
Pembroke Dock On 'Books of ;Daedalus' R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Pembrokeshire, Wales
Peplow H.M.S. Godwit R.N.A.S. Shropshire, England
Portland H.M.S. Osprey R.N.A.S. Portland, Dorset, England
Predannack  - R.N.A.S. Cornwall, England
Prestwick H.M.S. Gannet R.N.A.S. Ayrshire, Scotland
Puckpool H.M.S. Medina F.A.A. Transit Camp Isle of Wight, England
Rattray H.M.S. Merganser R.N.A.S. Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Risley H.M.S. Gosling R.N.A.T.E. Lancashire, England
Roborough On Books of 'Drake' R.N.A.S. Plymouth, Devon, England
Ronaldsway H.M.S. Urley R.N.A.S. Isle of Man
St. Merryn H.M.S. Vulture R.N.A.S. Cornwall, England
Sandbanks On Books of 'Daedalus' R.N.A.S. Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Shawbury  ? R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Skeabrae On Books of 'Sparrowhawk' / H.M.S. Tern II Lodger facility (R.A.F.)/R.N.A.S. Orkney
Speke On Books of 'Blackcap' Lodger facility/R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Speke, Liverpool
Stornoway H.M.S. Mentor II / On books of 'Mentor' R.N.A.S. / Lodger facility (R.A.F.) Isle of Lewis
Stretton H.M.S. Blackcap R.N.A.M.Y. Cheshire, England
Sullom Voe On Books of 'Sparrowhawk' Lodger facility (R.A.F.) Shetland Isles
Toome On Books of 'Gannet' R.N.A.S. County Antrim, N. Ireland
Townhill H.M.S. Waxwing F.A.A. Transit Camp Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
Treligga H.M.S. Vulture II F.A.A. live firing range & emergency landing ground Cornwall, England
Twatt H.M.S. Tern R.N.A.S. Orkney
Watchfield  ? R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Swindon, Wiltshire
Watford H.M.S. Turnstone R.N.A.T.E. Hertfordshire, England
Watton On Books of 'Daedalus' R.N. Air Section (R.A.F.) Thetford, Norfolk
Wellbank H.M.S. Macaw F.A.A. Transit Camp Bootle, Cumberland, England
Weston Park H.M.S. Godwit II R.N.A.S. Shropshire, England
Woodvale H.M.S. Ringtail II Lodger facility (R.A.F.)/R.N.A.S. Lancashire, England
Worthy Down H.M.S. Kestrel / H.M.S. Ariel R.N.A.S. Hampshire, England
Wroughton  - R.N.A.Y. Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Yeovilton H.M.S. Heron R.N.A.S. Somerset, England
Zeals H.M.S. Hummingbird R.N.A.S. Wiltshire, England

United States

Brunswick On Books of 'Saker' R.N.A.S. Maine. USA
Floyd Bennett Field On Books of 'Saker' R.N. Air Section (U.S.N.) Brooklyn, New York City, USA
Lewiston On books of 'Saker' R.N.A.S. Maine, USA
Norfolk On Books of 'Saker' ? R.N. Air Section (U.S.N. Norfolk, Virginia, USA
Quonset Point H.M.S. Asbury R.N.A.S. Rhode island, U.S.A.
Roosevelt Field On Books of 'Saker' Facilities (U.S.N.A.F.) Long Island, New York, USA
Squantum On Books of 'Saker' R.N.A.S. Quincy, Massachusetts, USA